Episode 57- How To Get The Most Out of A Coaching Investment

How To Get The Most Out of A Coaching Investment

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Ever wonder what the ROI is on investing in a coach or course? Or wonder how to guarantee getting the most out of signing up with a coach, going to a retreat, going to a conference, etc? DON'T MISS this. 

Investing in yourself is CRUCIAL to your success because YOU are your best investment. When you make it a point to be in high quality environment you will GROW if you choose to. 

You'll learn:

  • How to get the most out of an experience via adjusting your mindset for expectation for wealth.

  • Looking for the one breakthrough and one experience that can shift everything for you.

  • The power of "seed planting" when attending events, coaching, etc.

  • Radical responsibility and choosing to shift out of victim mode.

  • Finding your community and tribe and increasing your net worth via your network!

  • Managing your expectations for success and staying teachable.

  • How to ask great questions and ask for what you want.

No one can guarantee your results or that you will be successful except YOU.

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    How To Get The Most Out of A Coaching Investment

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