Lindsey Nadler
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Feeling led to step out in your calling but don't know where to start? I help women live fully connected to their passion so they can walk out their calling with clarity and confidence.  

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Faith Based Empowerment Coach

Lindsey Nadler


Hi gorgeous one!
I'm Lindsey. 

I'm an empowerment coach for you, the spiritually hungry, growth oriented woman of faith who knows she's made for more and wants to walk fully in the calling God has for her. I know deep inside of you are God-given gifts waiting to be tapped into and that your life is meant to be lived wildly alive and FREE.

Autopilot has been a poor friend to you! The fear of not being enough or feeling disqualified has kept you doubting you have anything to say or anything left to offer and you're sick of it! Your heart is craving more and you're ready to do something about it. 

So what if I could show you how to live connected to your passion and wake up every day with clarity and focus? Yep sis! You're in the right place!

Passion is everything. This is what I believe and what I teach. It's my honor to help you get connected to your passion, hone your spiritual gifts, and navigate your calling with clarity and confidence. 

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 Simple tools to help you live passionately, practice self-care and build confidence as you walk out your calling! 

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A daily affirmation for women of faith to gain confidence as they walk out their calling. 

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