Training With Tim Tebow


It was such an honor and pleasure to have Tim Tebow visit us here in West Monroe, LA at my home gym Crossfit318. In town for a speech at a local high school benefit he needed a place to get a good training session in and we were the fortunate recipients. Timmy was gracious, kind, and humble. All the things that he appears to be in the media were true.

Isn’t it refreshing for people to be who they say they are for once?

It’s my prayer that I will always do the same.


Anyways, in the hour and half we trained with Tebow I picked up on some things about leadership and wanted to share them with you. It’s my belief that life is a classroom if you’ll pay attention and people are the greatest lessons. One thing you should always pay attention to is how successful people conduct themselves. Then do what they do.

First, Tebow did not want to draw attention to himself. He could’ve easily come into one of the classes, entourage in tow, and completely disrupted the ebb and flow of the gym but he didn’t. He came in quietly with his assistant at a time that was scheduled for there to be less people and shook everyone’s hand like a normal guy trying to get a good training session in. No arrogance or entitlement present.


If you want to be a leader and blessed with success then you must prove you can handle it. Humility does that. God isn’t going to bless you with success when he knows it will kill you and everything is a test. Sometimes success can be a BIGGER test than failure because it forces you to go nose to nose with your own pride. Leaders kill their pride daily.


Second, Tebow put others first. He was courteous in sharing gym equipment and was careful to work around us and give up spots on the rack and floor. Again, he wasn’t acting like he owned the place but was humble enough to work around the space we were already using. He was content in waiting for a piece of equipment to be available.


Leaders do that. They request instead of demand. Ask instead of tell. Always willing to give up to go up and sacrifice time, space, whatever for the benefit of another. Selfish and demanding people don’t get very far in life and are the types of “leaders” that lead with control and manipulation. That’s called a dictator in my book. Tebow was none of that.


Lastly, Tebow asked us questions and expressed genuine interest and concern in who we were and what we did. He wanted to know what we did and what our occupations were. He even asked us about the Project 41 bracelets we were all wearing and my friend and fellow sister in iron, Jo Ellen, was able to share with him what it is and why we wear them. I am praying he remembers Jo Ellen and that conversation if you know what I mean;) but that’s a whole other story.

By the way, if you didn’t know already, Project 41 is a local ministry that helps minister to and rescue women from the sex industry and from sex trafficking in our area. We are super passionate about it and were thrilled to let Tebow know what it was!


You see leaders show they care and reach out to people. They are always asking questions and seeking to know and understand others. They are able to get outside of themselves enough to pay attention to things like armbands and seemingly insignificant things that can mean a ton to people. Leaders pay attention to the people around them with a goal of making everyone feel special. No matter what occupation they hold or walk of life they come from.


Summing it up, the real deal with Tebow is that he is focused on others and that is the core of servant leadership. It's not about him and it's evident to everyone. 

This is what Jesus walked and talked and as children of his we are called to lead like him as well.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, business executive, doctor, lawyer, preacher, missionary or Tim Tebow YOU ARE A LEADER. So lead wisely today….the world is waiting….



With Love,

Lindsey Nadler