My Training Manifesto (Excerpt From My Journal)

What you are about to read is straight from my personal journal. Every three months or so, I take some time to revisit and rewrite my purpose on why I am doing what I’m doing in different areas of life. Goals and seasons change and it’s important to have a clearly defined WHY in front of you at all times. I’ve found this to be a vitally important part of successful and mindful living. If we don’t know WHY we are doing something then every obstacle that comes our way will turn into a huge problem instead of a stepping-stone. Purpose must be in the front of our mind’s eye or we get burnt out, resentful and exhausted. I encourage you to write out your own manifestos for training, career, parenting, marriage, etc. Or if it’s easier, break it down to physically, spiritually, family, and career/financial.

I hope you won’t mind me sharing the heart behind why I train and maybe it can inspire you to write your own. Here it goes….

My Training Manifesto:

First and foremost because I am a warrior. Warriors train as a way of life in every aspect: body, soul, and spirit. Warriors know when to run, rest and release. Training is necessary and vital in my life so that I can keep my sanity and have time everyday just for me. Training disciplines me to focus only on the task at hand and nothing else. Learning to focus is a life skill that translates to every sphere of influence I have. I use training to master being fully present and in that moment becoming stronger. I feel the best this way and it prepares me for battles and the stress of life. I feel confident and my training partners push me and don’t let me sandbag. My training time must be protected and guarded and established as a top priority. I understand that I am my best investment and that in order for me to fully give and serve others I must be in optimal condition. No excuses. This becomes more and more important as I age and prepare to become a mom. I’m 29 years old and I feel the need to take it to the next level. To create new life. To stay lean, strong and above all FREE. Investing in my confidence is important and I won’t believe a lie that says it’s superficial or shallow. Confident women achieve much in the Kingdom of God. When I train physically I understand that I am also overcoming mental battles, which strengthens my soul. Training sessions are soul nourishment just as much as they are physically. If I’m confronted with a skill that I dislike or struggle with I will assess the root of that issue and willfully change my attitude. Again, this translates in the spiritual realms and strengthens me to use what God has entrusted me with. Every training session gives me an opportunity to practice belief and display the fruit of the Spirit, especially self-control. I will keep my eye on the prize. I will work and train as unto the Lord and no one else. I will steward the gift that God has given me in my body with the realization that it’s HIS temple. I train empowered by his grace. Through him I persevere, I press on, I win. My eyes are on the prize. I’m motivated by love and will make the most of this one short and very precious life.

Whew! That was it. If you have a training manifesto of your own I would love to hear it! You can leave it as a comment on the blog or over on my Facebook page. Remember; make it your own for your season. There’s no right or wrong as your purpose is YOUR purpose.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Lindsey Nadler