Stay In The Fight


Today’s thoughts aren't the most motivating or positive. They aren't sparkle and cartwheels. Because sometimes motivational speeches are insulting to those that are dealing with pain and I know that you may be going through something major in your life right now. If you’re not, then refer back to this note when you need it.  I wrote this today for you if you’re struggling. This is my encouragement to stay in the fight.

There are times in life you get hit so hard with something that your progress gets derailed. You can’t imagine doing anything other than just making it through another day. You just want to survive.

Sometimes you’re exhausted from trying to control everything and trying to fix it. Sometimes you’re just tired of trying to figure it out. Sometimes you’re not sure if you have any fight left in you. Sometimes you don’t know why things happen the way they do and you can’t imagine what good will come of it. Sometimes you can’t say anything. All you can do is hug and hold and then get up and walk.

Sometimes you just can’t imagine WHY. WHY in the world would this happen to YOU?

Our first question when something life altering happens is always a big resounding “WHY?” At different times in my life I have shouted this and pounded my fists. I've numbed the big WHY away. I've obsessed over the WHY. I've made up excuses and reasons for the WHY. I've pretended the need for a WHY never happened and tried to resume living life normally. I've overcompensated. None of it ever works.

But through it all, here’s what I've come to realize; Women have a remarkable capacity to survive. We were born with a higher pain tolerance and the ability to pick ourselves up over and over again. I've also come to realize that asking and figuring out WHY is a huge waste of time. God will always show us WHY but we will only see it in the rear view mirror, never through the windshield. So what do we do until then? We stay in the fight. 

We get up and walk. We move forward. We cry out to God and let him fill us. We obey and don’t question. We stop trying to figure it out or ignore it. We accept. We forgive. We live. We get dressed, do our hair and put on some make up. Sometimes, we just buy the shoes.

life is short

I also know that God never wastes a hurt. He will rebuild. He will carry you through. He will redeem every situation and you will not only survive, BUT THRIVE once again.

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE."

Jeremiah 29:11


Keep going my friend. Look up. Stay in the fight. Pick up your mat and walk.

Fighting For You,

Lindsey Nadler