The Power Of Resolve


As I write this there are officially six months left in the year. Here we sit in the middle. It’s hot and steamy. A new season and honestly I have a sense of restlessness in my spirit. I think about the many who have forgotten what they said they would do back in January and resolutions that have all been tossed to the wind. I think about people living their lives in defeat instead of the joy that comes from freedom. Freedom always comes through change, immense pain sometimes but more than anything the power of resolve within a person. So, I wonder if God didn’t orchestrate July not just to be the hot half way point in our year but to serve as a reminder of freedom and the power of resolve. The freedom we so desperately wanted, fought for and still may be fighting for lies ahead in the next six months. Let me explain...

This month we will fly our American flags, banners, eat hot dogs and pop fireworks in remembrance of freedom declared but we do well to take a look back and learn from history. The Declaration of Independence was finalized by our founding fathers on July 4th, 1776. However, the American Revolution didn’t end until 1783!!! So many people don’t realize this. This meant they had to keep fighting for another SEVEN YEARS! It was war! Blood and guts and death. Freedom will require that of you. It’s not something you only speak with your mouth. It’s a daily walking out in war and determination. It’s not easy nor is it fairytales and rainbows. But freedom is always worth it!!!

They didn’t just declare something with emotional words, write it down and then let it fizzle out six months later. They RESOLVED to finish and do whatever it took to have freedom! The DECIDED deep within their souls to be set apart whatever the cost. This is what heroes and champions of faith do! They war!!

Most resolutions we make involve freedom. Freedom from extra pounds, food, poor health, unhealthy emotional patterns, negative relationships, and debt are the common resolutions people make. The problem comes when there is no resolve behind the resolution. That’s when it turns into an empty goal based on emotion with no accountability or plan.

So, I encourage you today to revisit your resolutions you made back in January or make some new ones of your own and put the power of resolve behind them. Remember, resolve is a decision deep within your soul to accomplish your resolutions. Even if it takes seven years, would your freedom be worth it?

Live resolved to be free today. To fight, to change, to prepare and to war.


With six months left….what will you resolve to do? I believe in you....


With Love,

Lindsey Nadler