Taking Ownership Of Your Fitness


Fitness exercise crossfit woman holding kettlebell


"I need YOU to make me skinny." This is what I'm told weekly if not daily by people inquiring about my training programs or by well meaning friends and family members that don't know any better. Or I might hear things like this:

 I need YOU to push me.

I need YOU to motivate me.

I need YOU to whip me into shape.

These are major red flags for me and my response is usually something like "Ok... How about I teach YOU how to do that for yourself? There is no way I can make you skinny, push you, or motivate you, or whip you into shape until you want it bad enough for you that you find those things within yourself. If you're depending on me to do all of those things for you then we probably won't work well together. I can guide you and steer you in the right direction but I can't make you do anything. No one can. At the end of the day your transformation is up to you."

I'm typically met with blank stares, major attitude, or questions as to why I even call myself a personal trainer. Although I totally understand where that person is coming from it's chasing a fantasy to think that any one person, program or thing is responsible for your results. People can help hold you accountable but they can't hold you up completely. Only God can do that. 

At the end of the day you must take OWNERSHIP for your choices, responsibilities, and actions. You can't just show up expecting to be spoon-fed, told what to do and your life to change. No one is going to be able to take over your life and do everything for you. You have to own it, be in it and assume a "If it's gonna be it's up to me mentality."

This gets hard because if we take full ownership then we have no one to blame but ourselves. NOT taking ownership gives an excuse or a way out or a cushion to fail. This is why many people jump from program to program, diet to diet, spouse to spouse, job to job, etc. Bare minimum or going through the motion effort will typically produce that same result.


When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. Luke 12:48 NLT


 A desire accomplished is sweet to ones soul. Proverbs 3:19 KJV

 The principle of ownership will change your life. And I'm not kidding when I say this either. Change. Your. Life. It will make or break your fitness, nutrition, finances, relationships...everything. Often times it's a simple shift in thinking that can propel you over that plateau.

For the sake of time I'm going to outline a couple of quick things you can do to take ownership of your fitness. This will make such a difference!

 1.     Become a student of the game. This means read some books, magazines, and study different athletes. Go on YouTube and study some of the movements your trainer will ask you to do. Know what they are called and start thinking about them. If you want faster progress it helps to understand mechanics and names. This will save time as well. When your trainer says I want you to do a __________. You shouldn't have to ask, "What does that mean again?" or that thingy? Knowledge is power.

2.     Regularly invest in training tools and equipment. New shoes, workout clothes, set of dumbbells and kettlebells, plyo boxes, jump ropes, etc. If you've been training for more than 6 weeks with the same old pair of 10 lb dumbbells it is time to invest. If you own and steward your health then you know it's a part of your life to continue to invest in the tools you need to properly care for it. What you spend money on consistently is what you OWN and it's what's important to you.

3.     Taking ownership of your fitness means that during your workouts YOU are 100% responsible for being fully present and pushing through, even if you don't feel like it. Your trainer is there to instruct you, encourage you, challenge you, guide you, cue you, and to help you see things you can't. Please don't show up going through the motions. Warm up on your own and take initiative. Ask what's next with a hungry attitude. Ask about your plan and where you are headed for the next 3 months of training. Write down your goals and communicate with your trainer about them. If you don't have a trainer do this with yourself. 

4.     Be diligent in what you are allowing to influence your mind, will and emotions (your soul). Taking ownership means you own your thoughts and take every thought captive based on who you are in Christ. If you're thoughts are running wild REEL THEM IN. Unfortunately, people can't read your mind and don't know when you need a pep talk and honestly you have to develop the ability to get your pep talks from your Daddy in heaven and be ok with just that. 

5.     Pay attention to how you speak about your fitness. What I mean is, don't speak about it as trivial "I do this workout thing" or "yeah I'm in this class deal". Speak about it like it's important because it is. You are worthy of world-class training, nutrition and coaching and that's the caliber you should speak of it as. IF YOU OWN IT BE PROUD OF IT! 

 Lastly, please know that I say all of this in love. I'm a straight shooter and I want to save you time, money and help you transform your life. What you own you can change…and you can only own YOU!


 Rooting For You,

Lindsey Nadler