Hear Them Roar


Lioness stalking



I believe that my calling in life is to help women transform. It's only by God  this is possible and at times it's hysterical. The fact that God would use me, of all people, to help other women really is a miracle. You see, there was a time in my life when I preferred NOT to be around women. Honestly, and I'm just being transparent here, I thought most of them were stupid.  I didn't understand why they acted like emotionally hysteric wrecks half the time and I didn't identify with all the girly gossipy drama.  I've always been a tomboy and somewhat of a guy's girl. In high school I was always one of the guys and had maybe had one or two female friends. I was just more comfortable that way. Guys were easier. You knew what you were getting.

But on a deeper level, I grew up in a home where women were not valued. You were only as good as you could perform and for sure not treated like a princess or a lady. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was modeling that behavior. I thought "Well, if women are so stupid and treated so poorly then I want to be the OPPOSITE of the typical female. Then maybe I'll be loved."  There was I time when I thought you had to be a complete idiot if  marriage, children, and any sort of domestic duty were what you wanted out of life. I had seen the hurt and abuse from it and wanted no part in THAT.

When Jesus got a hold of me, despite my rebellion and debauchery, all of that changed. I stopped fighting my design and with the help of Godly mentors and a hunger for knowledge I began to transform. God has transformed me from an arrogant,  foul mouthed, whisky drinking, Jezebel, tough girl to an aspiring Proverbs 31 wife that leads Bible studies in her home, drinks Spark, and regularly cooks her hubby cornbread. Oh, and while wearing an apron I might add.

I have not arrived by any means. None of us will until we get to heaven. All I'm saying is that God often times uses the most unlikely of people to carry out his will. He takes wrecks and makes them new creatures. He will use the area you think you are lacking in most and make it your calling. He will take any and everything you're going through in your life and use it to bring change to others. Now,  am I still tough? Absolutely. But in a different way. A lioness is the best way to describe it. 

So here's the thing about a lioness. She knows who she is and her her King Lion is. She knows the best way to bring in food and expand her territory is to work together with other lionesses in a strategic hunt. She will raise up other lionesses and loves to hear them roar. In my own life I love to see women tap into this and I LOVE to hear them roar.

So it is with great honor and humility that I show you some of my clients that are transforming and roaring. As you watch this, look into their eyes and hear them roar. It's an amazing thing. I want to say a special thank you to the women that felt lead to share their story. It takes much courage to put your transformation out there for all the world to see. And I want you to know.....you can ROAR too. 




Lindsey Nadler