Fill Your Love Tank Up!



Inside each of us, deep down, is the need to be loved and to feel loved. This need is especially so in the heart of a woman. It's what makes us come alive. We love and thrive on romance. We want to be pursued, protected, and rescued. We want to be told that we are beautiful, lovely, and are adored above no other. It's how we were designed. Love is what we're meant for. It's the core of who we are.

 Love makes us feel alive. Unstoppable. Radiant. After all, love is the most powerful force on the planet. It's what binds and holds everything together. And when a woman doesn't feel loved she searches for things to make her feel this way.  Something, anything to fill up the love tank so she can move again. So she can thrive again. So she can be lovely again. Powerful. Unique. Treasured. Praised. Enough.

 It's why I'm writing this to you today.

I'm not naive enough to think that with Valentine's day coming up that you won't need an extra reminder of the only love that really matters to you. Valentines day can come with so many expectations, comparisons and heartache. It's ironic that the day dedicated to celebrating love can actually breed so much loss and sadness. So I thought I would go ahead and fill your tank up a little and point you to the true source of it.

 I want you to know that you are, in fact, GREATLY loved. You are most treasured. You are a beautiful creation of heaven and God absolutely delights in you. He longs for you. He pursues you to the ends of the earth. Beyond that even. He whispers to you in the desert and is the absolute lover of your soul. You'll find that he has written a love letter to you in his word. There's a special place in his heart for women and how you feel matters to him. You do not serve an unemotional, harsh God. HE IS NOT MAD AT YOU.

 But there's a difference in me just telling you that and you registering it in your brain. I want you to really know it in your heart. I want you to know it so deep down that it permeates your being and radiates through in every thought you have. You were meant for a passionate and fiery relationship with him. Your heart was meant for worship of him and him only. This is the stuff of LIFE! Better than any dessert, T.V. show, shopping spree, or man's opinion.

 Once you start to develop this intimacy with him you can't wait to spend time with him. He is waiting for you to seek him so he can lavish his love and affection on you.  I love this passage from the book Captivating by Stasi and John Eldredge. I highly recommend you go buy this one! It will totally change how you view God and how you see yourself as a woman.

 "Jesus desires you to pour out your love on him in extravagant worship that ministers to his heart. This is not just for women who have the time, women who are really spiritual. You are made for romance, and the only one who can offer it to you deeply and consistently is Jesus. Offer your heart to him."

 I know it may be a hard concept for you to view Jesus as your romancer but it's absolutely true. Invite him in. Open your heart to him. Fight for time with him. Do whatever it takes to protect your heart in your relationship with him. For everything you say and do flows from your heart.

 It may take small baby steps at first. But I promise you that once you make up your mind to really seek him, know him, and love him with all your heart, soul and mind you can grow twenty years in two. You have no idea the wild love ride he will take you on.


Fall in love with him this week.



In Love,

Lindsey Nadler