Engage When You Want To Escape

Ive been reading your posts on Facebook and Twitter and I know some of you out there are going through some pretty tough stuff. We battle attacks daily and feel like utter failures sometimes. We play comparison games and fall into the trap of believing that everyone else has got it all figured out. If we aren’t careful we get isolated, paralyzed, and become willing victims. The fog sets in and we feel as if we are clawing our way through life.  I’ve been there too many times to count. Recently, God dealt with me on this issue and spoke to me so clearly that I had to share it with you. My friend, YOU are a WARRIOR PRINCESS daughter of God. You have destiny and purpose on your life. Only the ones deemed as warriors are attacked the most. So game on. Get in the game. Get in the fight. You are not alone.

stronger than u think

I am firmly convinced that God speaks to us the most through our hurts and trials. He has breakthroughs for you. Epiphanies for you. Plans for you. Dreams for you. He is our ever present source of security. Our tendency is to bolt and escape when met with a battle. We are constantly looking for things to entertain us to take our minds off the war that ensues. Engage instead of escaping, and he will show you his ways! He will show you a life lesson.

Resist the urge to escape into mindless entertainment, food, obsessive compulsions, control, anger, resentment, apathy, and laziness. Your enemy wants you isolated, sedated, and unproductive. When we fill our minds and bodies with junk it’s so much harder to hear the whispers of God. In the midst of your fog, he is always whispering to you. But the key is for us to live a life that is actively listening. It’s one of the ways we engage his presence. We press in to him to find answers and life. We prepare to empty everything out so he can fill us up. It’s the only way to be. The next time you feel like escaping, engage by getting completely still with him.  Listen and invite him in to the situation. Ask him to show you the lesson in his timing. Get your Bible out and be led by it. Be FED BY IT. Ask for strength, energy and insight, and thank him in advance for his power and healing in the situation. Then, lock your jaw. Dig your heels in. Fight the battle with him. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Check in. Smile with a smile that knows the battle has already been won. Be about your father's business and get to work. You are always stronger than you think you are. 


Fighting Warrior Princess Style,