My Biggest Mistake In The Way I Was Thinking


I sit out on my deck this morning reflecting on life and thinking about the new season we’re about to be in. Here in Louisiana, summers are epically hot to say the least and going outside is an event in and of itself. It’s easy to stay inside and be miserable but I refuse to do so. There’s too much adventure to be had. In addition to the heat, this time of year makes me think of fireflies, sweet tea, watermelons and fish frys. It’s all things southern and all things grand. Our God is good to us and beckons for us to live fully alive. No matter how hot it can get….


That heat is what urges me to tell you about one of my biggest mistakes. You see, I’ve had this huge shift in perspective this past week and I realize that my way of thinking may have leaked out on you. So not only do I ask for your forgiveness today but also I invite you into my heart. Imagine we’re out on my deck, beverage of choice in hand, basking in this glorious heat. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did. I want more for you.


So here it goes…


Over the past year on my blog and on my Facebook page I’ve repeatedly said things like “Life is battle” or “ Life is a fight”. It seems I’ve had this attitude since childhood that there will always be this huge struggle and that we must fight and war for everything we have. So we better buck up and get prepared. We better be battle ready. Life, after all, is one big war. We’re victorious already but it’s a war nonetheless. While parts of that are true, I want you to know that God opened my eyes to complete truth.

He showed me a revelation on this subject. If I think life is a fight and walk around constantly saying it is then that’s exactly what I’ll get. What you focus on you get more of. He showed me I was actually attracting battle, warfare and struggle into my life because of my false worldview. There was no rest. Who can rest when you think life is one big fight or battle? No indeed. Again, please accept my apologies. I preach constantly that our lives move in the directions of our thoughts and we should choose them accordingly. I was blind to this! Praise God for opening my eyes!

The truth is this. Life is a gift and privilege.

It’s a miracle we even exist on this planet and an opportunity to steward the presence of God within us. His presence is the one thing that life is all about. Getting in his presence and staying conscious of his presence in us is THE FOCUS. This is our life. It’s what we are to do and how we are to be. His presence drives us and keeps us at peace while doing so. This is how we move with rest and intentionality instead of always fighting.


Now, IN this life we will have to battle, war and fight for things that are worth it. But that doesn’t mean that life is defined as such. That’s not what you want to speak or project over yourself. His presence allows you to stay at rest in whatever fight may come at you. Because, yes you are a warrior gifted with life that can move boldly and confidently without striving. You can live without thinking everything will be a struggle and know that you serve a God who will do immeasurable more than all you could think, ask or imagine. We may be fighting in a weird war we have already won but that doesn’t mean our lives are summed up in this way. The bible says to fight the good fight of faith not to live in a fight. There’s a big difference.


Life is a gift and a miracle. Let’s honor God together by living it as such.


In Love,

Lindsey Nadler