Why I'm Bawling and You Should Be Too....

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If you find yourself in a season where you’re struggling with motivation, inspiration, and encouragement then I have something to share with you. The story I am about to share with you is incredible and an absolute testament to the human spirit. If you have a habit of making excuses, which we all can fall into at times, then this what you need to read. This is Amy’s story, one of my online training group members, who I have the honor to serve every month. She sent this to me whenever I was putting together the video montage of all my clients and followers. If you saw it and where wondering about her story, here it is from her own mouth. Read what she says and then I want to point out a few things to you.

Here is Amy. A nurse, married with four beautiful children…


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Then, BOOM. 


“I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer at 39 years old after the birth of my 4th child. I had bilateral mastectomies, modified radical on the right & 19 lymph nodes removed May 2011. June -Sept 2011, I had 8 rounds of chemo, then Oct-Dec 2011, I had 38 radiation treatments. I could work for 9 months, lost my job as a neonatal nurse practitioner, and eventually got divorced. (You see people for who they really are during trying times).

Anyhow, I'm now 20 months out since finishing treatment, cancer-free, my hair, eyelashes, & eyebrows have grown back, and I've lost the 21lbs I gained from steroids, chemo-induced pseudo menopause, & just feeling like crap, lol! I exercised throughout my illness, which was NOT easy. I'm a former college softball player. I have some lymph edema in my right arm, which limits the amount of weight/exercise I can do. There are no lymph nodes there to rid my body of lactic acid build up. But it's ok, I just modify my workout :)”~Amy


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Ok, so did you catch that? Not only has this woman survived breast cancer at 40 but survived losing her husband and job at the same time. And you know what breaks me down? Her JOY. Her DETERMINATION. Her ENERGY. Can't you hear it when you read what she sent? That's from someone who has walked through death and appreciates being alive. Thirty eight radiation treatments? My friend, if you have ever been around someone fighting cancer then you know how horrible that is. But she still works out and never stopped! YOLO is right! Look at that smile...



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My intent is not to give you a guilt trip but seriously.....after reading that what could possibly be your excuse? Here's my encouragement to you today:

You are an overcomer!

You will not only survive but thrive!

You are a warrior princess who can cut the head off of fear and live a bold life!

No matter what anyone has done to you, you are NOT a victim and you will rise again. 


Put away all excuses and do whatever it takes to become the woman that God created YOU to be. 


I would love to coach you to that freedom in my online personal training group. Don't let excuses or fear hold you back as there are only three months left in 2013. YOLO right? Let's do this together...


Still Bawling,