A Truly Fit Heart



There was a time in my life not that long ago when my heart was hardened. Hard as stone. I didn't care much for people. Actually, that's an understatement.  I was taught from an early age that most people will let you down and not to trust anyone. I was taught to quickly find the worst in people and that any act of kindness or truth was really just a big cover up for an ulterior motive. I was cynical, arrogant, and the worst type of sarcastic.

I resented those who could smile and rolled my eyes at "cheerful" personality types.

Can you relate? Maybe sometimes?

This is who I was for most of my life...


I did everything I could to fix it. Mostly by accomplishments:

Division I College Softball Scholarship. CHECK

Deans List. CHECK

All American Scholar Athlete. CHECK

Police Academy Intern. CHECK

Female Physical Fitness Award. CHECK

Police Academy Graduate. CHECK

Patrol Officer. CHECK

Thinking I could save the world. CHECK

Independent young woman taking care of herself without anyone's help. CHECK

23 yrs old with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. CHECK.

Aren't you proud? I sure was. Proud in my heart and miserable in my soul. No matter how much I accomplished I still didn't feel much. Anyone relating yet? 

and then something amazing happened.......


Actually, I reconnected with a MAN I  had known since I was a little girl but had pushed out of my life. I wasn't sure if he still existed.


Turns out he does exist.

Little did I know he had been pursuing me and protecting me all along.... Yep. His name is Jesus. My love. My life. My God. My warrior. My number one man.

He has transformed my heart and my life....  Still is.

Jesus gave me a new heart.

Now to learn what to do with it...... It's a daily thing......

And only through this man, Jesus, did I meet another man and his two children that have made this new heart pump.


When I look at these three I remember what a A Truly Fit heart is supposed to be and what I have been blessed with despite my rebellion and arrogance.

How about a nice cup of Grace......Anyone?

So my point is this. For me,  A Truly Fit heart is one that is full of Jesus. His light. His ways. His love. 

It doesn't matter how much I do or don't accomplish.  Without Jesus, I am miserable. Without Jesus, it will never be enough.



Ezekiel 36:26

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."

~Lindsey Nadler