I'm Lindsey Nadler, welcome to my creative space where I share everything that makes me come alive! I believe in real talk, loud music, ripped jeans, and the goodness of God. I also know deep inside each of us are God-given gifts waiting to be tapped into and that life is meant to be lived wildly alive and FREE. 

Passion is everything. It's my honor to walk with you on the journey of discovering what this means in your own life and cultivating a life that's full of wonder and possibility.

Most days you can find me with my nose in a book, journaling, with my fur babies at my feet--or riding in my jeep with the tops off, wind in my hair, music blaring. I'm an introvert at heart and love to relax at home with my husband Rich. I'm a worship leader, songwriter, thought provoker, book nerd, occasional preacher, and champion for women.

"My Passion Manifesto"

I believe whether we realize it or not we all make an impact. Years from now, no matter what age I am, I want to still be learning and growing. Still cultivating a life of wonder and possibility. To still be enjoying the journey of becoming the woman God created me to be. To add value in whatever way I can and let my give a damn be busted over the right things. To speak truth fearlessly, graciously and humbly. To know who I am but always be willing to grow and REFUSE bitterness and offense. I don't want to fear age or death but to boldly approach it all..still...STILL with a fire in my gut and a wildness in my spirit. Still believing in the goodness and power of God. To love him just as much if not more than the day I truly met him. My quality of life is mine to steward with great peace, patience, joy and most of all an unrelenting passion for what sets my soul on fire. 

My challenge to you and to myself is to be a woman that changes the world with her life. Not necessarily in doing but in beingGod is calling us to be something powerful, beautiful and rare; a strong passionate woman making an impact through her God-given gifts. That's what my mission and my life has been all about and will be all about. Let this place and the concepts I teach, inspire you to chase after what you were born for and give you the courage to live it out. 


God is calling us to be something powerful, beautiful and unique; a strong passionate woman making an impact through her God-given gifts.
— Lindsey

Lindsey wears many hats: worship leader, abolitionist, wife, step-mom, writer, speaker and health enthusiast. Over the past decade she has served in a variety of different arenas spanning from law enforcement, health and fitness, entrepreneurship and the social justice sector. All of which have allowed her to inspire and minister to hundreds of women in search of wholeness.

Her approach as a tough yet tender voice in the face of adversity has allowed her to speak to a variety of different audiences while boldly instilling worth and power to each individual. Lindsey's mission of empowering women to live passionately has been the theme of her life and present throughout her endeavors.  She and her husband Rich, lead worship at Foundry Church in Sterlington, Louisiana. They enjoy writing songs and time away in the mountains with family and their two boxer fur babies Cash and Ava.