Lindsey Nadler
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God is calling you to be something powerful, beautiful and unique; a strong passionate woman making an impact through her God-given gifts.

Hey friend! I'm Lindsey Nadler. I'm an empowerment coach, worship leader, book nerd, occasional preacher, and champion for women. I believe in real talk, loud music, ripped jeans, and the goodness of God. Most days you can find me coaching my amazing girl gang of clients (Passionistas!) and dreaming up ways to help more women live fully connected to their passion and walk out their calling with confidence.

When I'm not doing that you can find me with my nose in a book, journaling, with my fur babies at my feet--or riding in my jeep with the tops off, wind in my hair, music blaring. I'm an introvert at heart and love to relax at home and write songs with my husband Rich.

But things haven't always been like this. I come from the school of hard knocks (more on that later) and not that long ago you would have found me in head to toe navy blue polyester, working a 12 hour night shift as a police officer. Back then I battled feeling guilty that I wanted out of a job that I loved parts of and had worked so hard to get, but deep down knew I was destined for more...for different.

In those days, I was frustrated at the lack of real life transformation and abundance I was experiencing as a christian, DESPITE all the bible studies on my shelf and church activities I was involved in. I wanted the powerful life I read about in the Bible, yet everywhere I turned I was told to be content and settle down. I craved a community that celebrated my strength instead of viewing it as a weakness.

So I decided to start taking my calling seriously and began investing in my personal and spiritual development like never before. I took major risks and surrounded myself with powerful coaches and mentors. 

Looking back, I know God was preparing me for what was to come and using every situation I went through to grow a skill set in me that I've now taught to thousands of women! 

It took awhile to fully step into this, but my calling in life is and has always been about empowering women and seeing them step into what God has for them. Over the years, the assignment has changed (I've been a college athlete, a police officer, a health & fitness coach, direct sales business owner, founder and director of a non-profit helping survivors of sex trafficking, and life coach) but the calling remains the same. Always back to one thing... empowerment. 

Friend, I understand what it's like to question your identity and your calling, to be unsure of the road your on, or if you're really ready to do what the Lord would put your hand to do.

My encouragement for you is to take the leap! You are called for such a time as this.

 I'm can't wait to coach you on this journey! Passion is everything. 

- Lindsey Nadler 

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Core Values



Value One

Jesus Christ is the source and center of all things and we truly find ourselves by finding more of him. I believe the life of a wildly alive woman is marked by an intimate, authentic, passionate relationship with a loving God, NOT one of rules, perfectionism, legalism and religion. In all of my coaching and courses I point women back to him and the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives. 



Value two

I believe women are leaders and that women in the body of Christ should be the most empowered women on the planet. I believe that a woman living fully, connected to and walking out in her God-given gifts is one of the greatest forces for good this world has ever known and this world needs way more of it. WAY more. I support equality, dignity, and equipping women to thrive in their unique calling and spiritual gifts. This includes preaching, teaching, pastoring, ministry, business, and anything else you can think of :) 



Value three

Passion is everything. This is the foundation of everything I teach, preach and coach women through. I believe more than anything, this world needs women who have come fully alive and are courageously pursuing their calling. For me, this happens through a lifestyle of authentic worship. Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest and I don't plan on settling for anything less. 

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