Episode 56- Why you’re struggling: The Top 3 Mindsets you need to shift

Why you’re struggling: The Top 3 Mindsets you need to shift

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Are you struggling in your business right now and falling into the "I'm doing everything and this isn't working" trap. If so, today's episode will rock your socks off and is one you will want to take notes on and listen to over and over again.

If "I'm doing everything and this isn't working" is a message coming up repeatedly then check what's happening inside of these three mindsets.

The top three mindsets you need to shift in order to have success in your business. 

1. Your mindset about money.

2. Your mindset about yourself.

3. Your mindset about other people/audience.


Grab your trusty journal and write out what you are honestly believing in these three areas and what you need to reframe so you can show up powerfully in your life and business. Feel free to use some of my reframes and affirmations mentioned in the episode as you come up with your own. 

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Book mentioned in today's episode: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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    Why you’re struggling: The Top 3 Mindsets you need to shift

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