Episode 55- How I Manage Stress and Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

How I Manage Stress and Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

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In this special episode I open up about how I manage stress and anxiety as an entrepreneur. In a generation that is plagued with anxiety more than ever before, it's key that we learn the practical and spiritual tools we need to thrive and chase our passion. 

In today's episode you'll learn my best mindset tips and practical tools to overcome anxiety and pressure.

Tips like:

  • Why awareness and tuning into your body is key and how to recognize you're unique stress responses

  • How to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your mental and emotional health through journaling, breathing practices, moving your body daily and regular brain dumps

  • My favorite music and meditations

  • My favorite products for health and relaxation

Remember what's inside of you will come out of you so it's crucial that you treat your energy and wholeness as top priority in your life! 

Products mentioned in today's episode

Weighted blanket

Stress Relief Tea

CBD oil 

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    How I Manage Stress and Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

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