When You Need A Plan Get A Planner

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Did you know that by simply writing things down they are 50% more likely to occur? One of the first things I help my clients do is write down their goals and get a plan together. So I'm always on the look out for tools that help with planning, setting goals, and getting organized. Actually, I'm a bit of a nerd about it. Okay, a MAJOR nerd about it. I love journals, notebooks,  pens, and planners. The process of buying a new journal is a ritual in of itself. My day planner is my security blanket. Both of these items must fit me perfectly and speak to the season of life I'm in. You are what you put in front of you everyday. In fact,  some of the best ideas, inspirations, and prayers have been formed in those journals and planners. I can look back at each one and say "Wow. That was sooo God and sooo NOT me".  It's a way of tracking his miracles and his plans. Because sometimes in the midst of the day to day you can't see them. That's why I believe so much in the power of writing things down. But more importantly, making the things I write down happen through the grace of God and with his leading.

So, I have found an amazing tool for you today! I found this planner via Pinterest. Praise Jesus for Pinterest! What would we do with out it? Anyways, it's  is the most precious and amazing planner from Much Ado About You. It's full of inspirational quotes, bright colors, and a space to write down your goals for every month. There is a double sided pocket in the back, and comes with event label stickers and a giant paper clip! My nerdness is going in to overdrive!! It's sized well and can easily fit in your purse or gym bag. They are affordable and go on sale starting June 1st. Grab one up and start dominating your time and day with this thing. It's no ordinary planner!  You can grab one here

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Write down your goals, your plans, your dreams and never stop. I've had conversations with people where they say they don't like to write things down because they are afraid it won't happen, and then they will feel like a failure. I call that quitting before you start. There's something about writing it down that makes you responsible. Give yourself a chance and take 3 seconds of courage to write down what you will do. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. You get to choose how you spend it. It's amazing to me how much time people find they actually have once they start tracking it, and making the most of it. Make the most of your day and your life. Starting now. 

Planning and Doing,