What to Do When You Have an Emotional Breakdown

What to Do When You Have an Emotional Breakdown

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What to Do When You Have an Emotional Meltdown

I've got a powerful and simple teaching for you. Especially If you struggle with anxiety, emotional meltdowns and negative self-talk spirals.

Today I’m going to teach you a powerful method to help you prevent anxiety and get you out of any emotional meltdown or anxiety attacks you may be experiencing. Triggers are real, and my goal is to give you a simple way to deal with them.

But FIRST, I want you to know when you begin to do things differently.

When you begin to step out in authority, when you begin to love yourself, the enemy does not like it and resistance is very real.

You’re going to encounter some struggle, and you're going to encounter some stuff.

This is a normal part of the process. I want to encourage you to not shrink back, and don’t give up, because you’re victorious, you’re more than a conqueror, and you can do this!

Keep moving forward and continue to partner with love. You are not your feelings and your emotions aren’t meant to rule over you.

So I have developed this little method, that works. It works for me and I've taught it to my clients and my family. It works because it immediately shifts you out of fear and gets you partnered with love.

Love is the key.

When I am met with a limiting belief, with negative self-talk, with a trigger, with a shame response, with whatever it is that is inviting me to go down this negative talk and self-esteem rabbit hole, this is my go-to method.

The CAAV Method

The acronym is CAAV. This is the little method I use to stop the meltdown from ever happening.  

C stands for “Clear the Mechanism” 

I totally stole this from one of my favorite movies with Kevin Costner called For Love of the Game. I don't know if you’ve seen it, but he does this thing when he's on the mound, he says, “Clear the mechanism,” and he totally clears his mind. All of the noise goes away and he's able to just focus on the catcher and the catcher's mitt.

I totally stole that little phrase, but what it means is basically, “clear your mind.”

For me, that might look like a place I go with God or it may look like clouds in my mind. Whatever visual I need to clear my mind, and stop the noise and the “chatterbox,” I do it.

Many women have their own thing. Maybe they’re in a field with Jesus or they're just in a place by themselves.

Whatever it is for you, I want you to clear the mechanism. You're immediately clearing your brain of the noise, the “chatterbox,” and the cockroach thoughts that dribble across your mind.

“A” stands for align.

This means shifting  your awareness to align with the love of God.

So you’ve got that trigger, that lie that comes up, that negative self-talk, whatever this thing is that's happening, clear the mechanism. That means we don't partner with it, because what you choose to focus on grows.

If your triggered telling yourself you're not enough, you're so stupid, you're fat or whatever, and you focus on that, then it's just going to continue and the negative thoughts are going to start rolling in.

You can't let yourself go down that rabbit hole.

For a lot of us, we don't go there, but then the same thing keeps popping up and we wind up just stuffing things away.

We don't need to not address things or just ignore it all, because what we push down will eventually come out. We've got to deal with this head-on.

All I'm saying is we're not empowering the wrong Kingdom. We're not partnering with fear and we're not letting that thing get away from us.

If I’m met with the trigger, the situation, the memory, the circumstance, whatever it is that happens, and it pops up, I'm gonna clear the mechanism. I'm gonna go to my place with Jesus. I'm gonna get quiet and I'm gonna just clear my mind.

Whatever you need to do to clear your mind, you do it.

Then I'm going to align with the love of God, and all that looks like is to take a big deep breath.

Get your breathing under control and in alignment. Many of us don't realize that we're actually holding our breath for long periods during the day, especially when we’re stressed.

When you're met with negativity, anger, or whatever emotion that you're struggling with, you tend to hold your breath.

What I want you to do is get mindful of your breath, so take big deep breaths and align yourself with the love and heart of God.

What that looks like is you’re just going to simply say, “Yes,” and agree with who God says you are, and you're gonna turn your affection towards them.

If you need to put your hand on your heart say, “Yes Jesus I receive your peace,” or “Yes God I receive your love for me.”

You're just aligning with him, you're turning your affection, you're turning your soul, and you're turning your spirit to align with the love of God.

The second “A” stands for Affirmation.

If you're like, “What do I say?”

I've got you covered girlfriend!! Grab the Confidence Mantra at the bottom of this blog!!

Get it in your back pocket, get it on your mirror, get it in your vehicle!

If you don't have that available to you, just turn whatever the negative thought was, whatever the struggle was, or whatever the limiting belief was, and switch that around for good and turn it into a positive.

If the negative thought was, “I'm so tired and I'm really hating my life right now.”

Then you would say “I’m full of energy and I love my life.”

Whatever the struggle is you turn it into an affirmation.

I recently worked through this with a friend of mine and it was all about her particular job and wondering if anyone was going to pay her what she currently earned somewhere else. She had this limiting belief that she wasn't going to be able to earn what she needed to earn in another place.

We had to identify that she had to turn that struggle and that limiting belief into an affirmation.

Her affirmation became, “People pay me what I earn now, if not, more wherever I go.”

She turned the struggle, the limiting belief into an affirmation as if it already existed.

I can’t state this enough.  Affirm, affirm, affirm, affirm. Declare it out loud!

Get your Confidence Mantra out, speak affirmatively over yourself and over your life, and do it with authority.

  • You cannot put up with that mess from the enemy.

  • You cannot put up with the mess you're telling yourself because you're afraid.

  • You're afraid of success.

  • You're afraid of failure.

  • You're afraid of what people may think.

  • You're afraid of “fill in the blank.”

The issue with all of this stuff is rooted in fear and you have a choice every day. Are you gonna choose fear or are you gonna choose love?

We have to make a choice and then we have to take action on that choice.

You've got to affirm yourself. Who does God say you are?

  • You're a child of God, you're relentlessly loved, you're the head not the tail, and you’re above and not beneath.

  • You’re passionate.

  • You're fully alive.

  • You have the peace of God available to you at all times .

  • You're filled overflowing with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

You've got to figure it out.

You’re not a victim.

You’re not a victim to your emotions, to your thoughts, to your hormones, to your biochemistry, and you cannot afford to have a thought about you that God does not have towards you.

Our words and our thoughts matter.

Man will move in the direction of his mind.

Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Other translations say, “So he will become.”

We become what we behold, we become what we say, we become what we think about.

  • If you say, “I'm always late.” Guess what girl you're gonna always be late.

  • If you say, “I'm fat and disgusting.” Guess what, you're gonna be fat and disgusting.

  • If you say you can't, you can't.

You’ve got to get adamant and serious about what you’re allowing yourself to believe, to think, and to speak because your life is going to move in that direction.

“V” is for Visualize

The “V” is the icing on the cake, it's the secret ingredient, the cherry on top, it's the bow on the present, it's the the real thing.

It's the missing puzzle piece that so many people don't really get, and that is to visualize.

There is one thing that I think a lot of women, a lot of people, really get in the habit of doing especially in church culture and in legalistic environments.

If you grew up in an uber religious, and by that word I mean “legalistic place,” where it's all about the rules and all about how many scriptures and Bible verses you could memorize, and what the sunday-school felt board said...

There wasn't a whole lot of heart transformation. There wasn't a whole lot of relationship happening. It can be very common especially down here in the old “Bible Belt,” for us gals to just rattle off things, because we want to be the perfect “good girl.”

We want to be the “good girl” Christian who’s got the great perfect quiet time, and the coffee mug that says grace on it, and a devotion with flowers and rainbows on it and pictures of butterflies...

Listen, I love all those things, but we've got to be mindful of when we are partnering with what we should be, like things about our church culture and things about our culture that we like, instead of who God really is and having a relationship with him.

My point is we can get really good at just spouting out the information.

We can say these things out loud , “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made,” “I'm the daughter of the king,” and “I have the mind of Christ “ But, we are not connected at all to what we’re saying.

We’ve just learned how to spit out the answers.

We've just learned how to put on the perfect, got it all together, facade.

I want to encourage you to be real. To be real with yourself and others.

I want to encourage you to connect with what it is that you're reading, to what it is that you're saying.

We've got to connect, and we've got to get real with our relationship with God.

Anybody can fake religion.

  • You can have all the right answers.

  • You can say all the Christianese things.

  • You can paint the pretty picture.

But God knows our hearts, and the reality is that when you’re met with a crisis of life, when you find yourself in the bottom of a pit, and when you find yourself with real life actually happening to you, then you're gonna be met with if you actually have this heart transformation.

Are you walking out what you say you believe, or is it just more talk?

Is it just more banter, and is it just more spitting out the information when needed?

Are you saying what needs to be said in order to sound perfect, and in order to appear perfect?

The last part of this puzzle piece and that “V” is to really visualize.

That's what got me started on this whole thing, that we have to connect.

So the visualization point is when you're connecting and you're actually believing in your heart and in your mind's eye, with your “sanctified imagination,” as my friend Melissa teaches.

You've been given this ability to visualize, and our brains and minds move in that direction.

When you're affirming, you're speaking out affirmations over your life.

When you're declaring the promises of God, you’re not disconnecting your mind from that.

You’re not just spitting out religious information and you’re not just reading. You're not just reading words on a paper.

Have you ever done this?

Where you're reading something and then 10 minutes goes by and you're like, “What did I just read” because your mind checked out?

We've got to connect, comprehend, and visualize what it is that we're actually saying.

Sometimes you've got to slow down to speed up.

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What to Do When You Have an Emotional Meltdown


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