There's Got To Be More Than This!




There's got to be more than this!

 It's the underlying heart cry of almost every woman I know..."There's Got To Be More Than THIS!"

 Well here's the thing.... there is. A whole lot more... but are you really ready for it?

 You were meant to live life and live it to the full. Yet I see us bored. I see us in lack. Honestly, I see us purposeless yet as "busy" as ever. I see women accepting mediocrity and mundane because they've been made to feel guilty for not being "content in whatever circumstances". Personally, I believe this comes from and evil spirit of religion and legalism that keeps Christians in safe little bubbles and clicks. Mind you...if the enemy can keep you in your safe and cozy Christian bubble then you pose no threat.

Content has nothing to do with accepting mediocrity. Content means you take responsibility for where you are on the way to where you're going. Responsibility is a beautiful thing because it takes you out of the victim seat and puts you in control of your choices. And yes there is PLENTY more to life than this. Even if you're in a really good, "safe" place right now in life.... there's always more. That's the God we serve. If you are willing then so is he. It's time to wake up the sleeping lioness.

 So if you're wondering what more life has to offer, then ask your daddy in heaven. Ask him and be ready for the answer he gives you. Be willing to prepare yourself for where he takes you. Your walk with him is about more than mere head knowledge and being able to give all the right answers in Sunday school. A passionate, hungry heart, that desires deep communication with him is what will set you apart in this life. There is always more. More of HIM.  You have an opportunity to advance the kingdom of God. To do real work that's OUTSIDE of your ladies bible study and potluck.

You have a HUGE purpose and calling on your life that is ultra specific. Only you can carry out this mission. You are a solider. A warrior. A lover. A fighter. It's time to start owning that with purpose.

 That's why it's so important that you train yourself to be strong. Train your body, soul, and spirit. Bringing those three parts of you together is a beautiful and empowering process and it's done DAILY.  Why? Because once you step off into this huge purpose you better get ready for what's coming. It can and will get dark but you MUST persevere. Finish the race. Fight hard. Make yourself strong. Stay on top of your game by the power of God as your daily bread. When you fall and you will, get right back up and pursue it with everything that's in you.

 Your life is not a game and it's not a dress rehearsal. Don't spend one more minute purposeless and apathetic. If you've been knocked down, keep fighting. You are more than a conqueror. Believe that. Trust the stirring inside you and run hard after it.


I'm running with you.



 As always, I love hearing your heart. If you feel God is leading you in an area I would love to know what it is. Or, if you have struggled with purposeless or are struggling with knowing God's will for you head over to my Facebook page and post your story. It's a wonderful place be both inspired and inspiring.  Talk to you soon.



Lindsey Nadler