The Only Thing You're Supposed To Do Today Is Remember

The Only Thing You're Supposed To Do Today Is Remember

Deuteronomy  6:12

Then take care lest you forget the Lord, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

Today most people are gathering with family and friends. It’s a long weekend and another day off from work. Off from everything. Children play in sprinklers and we all eat BBQ and potato salad. I’m grateful for children in sprinklers and don’t have much against BBQ and potato salad. However, I wonder if today we would all just rather forget, when the only thing we’re supposed to do today is remember.  


memorial day

Remember that rough men fight for our freedom while we sleep soundly in our beds. Remember those that are eating MRE’s while we feast on cobbler. Remember those that live a lonely life in a land that hates them, while we enjoy a land of abundance and freedom. Remember those who have come home crippled, broken and wounded. We can’t save them or fight the fight for them. We can Skype with them but it’s not the same as kissing their face. We have no idea what their mental pain is or the images they will carry forever in their minds. Sometimes, all we can do is remember. This friends, is a privilege. It’s in the remembering that we become grateful.  The human tendency to easily forget is as old as creation. Oh how quickly Eve forgot what God really said. Oh how quickly we forget how good we have it. How safe and secure we really are. How quickly we forget what God has delivered us from.

Take some time today to really remember. Remember our servicemen and women. Remember what God has given you and what he’s brought you ought of. Because if we forget where we come from then we forget who we are. 

Speaking The Truth In Love,