5 Ways to Reduce Skinny Fat Behavior


Skinny Fat? What does that even mean?

Skinny girls look good in clothes. Strong girls look good naked.

Want both? Keep reading.....

The Urban Dictionary defines skinny fat as :

1.A physique, while not overweight (and possibly underweight), lacks any visible lean, striated tissue.

2.  To look slim, even with revealing clothes, but when touched, the touching hand sinks into fat before reaching muscle. Older people will 'show' "Skinny fat" visually, but young people have firm skin that hides it until they're touched.

Maybe you've heard muscle weighs more than fat. You heard right. Skinny fat girls have zero muscle tone and although they may look slim it's really just a bunch of jiggle with no strength. I want to encourage every woman that reads this post to embrace becoming strong.

Strong women can lift up their babies with ease.

Strong women lift up cases of bottled water no problem.

Strong women can bring 50 lbs of dog food inside.

Strong women can move the furniture themselves when they want to rearrange their living room.

Strong women can unload and load strollers.

Strong women can push a lawn mower.

Strong women can assist others who can not assist themselves.


You want to attack fat by putting on lean muscle. The more muscle you have on your body the more fat your body will  burn all day long. Our goal is to  turn your body  into a fat burning furnace! I've listed some things skinny fat girls are guilty of and some tips to fight against skinny fat behavior.  Check yourself!

Typical Skinny Fat Behavior

1. Not eating breakfast or much at all throughout the day. Skinny fat gals may eat one meal a day and then go totally overboard. This puts your body in starve mode. If your body thinks it's starving it will hold onto every ounce of fat you have. Ever see really skinny girls with a major belly pooch right after eating? There we go.

2. Doing endless amounts of cardio and never lifting weights. Cardio queens run the risk of eating away muscle instead of building it up.

3. Think lifting weights will make you bulky or look like a guy. Want to be skinny fat? Don't even look at the weight rack.

4. Only lifting light,  non challenging weights. If you are  lifting the last 2-3 reps with ease you need to go up in weight


5 ways to Reduce Skinny Fat Behavior

1. Eat breakfast and 6 small meals a day. In order to turn your body into a fat furnace you must constantly feed it with the right fuel. Fuel up and burn up. Start including protein with every meal.


3. Don't be afraid to go heavy and challenge yourself.

4. Hire a skilled personal trainer. If you have never lifted weights before  then you have no idea what you are doing. Be humble. Get some help.

5. Educate yourself. Stop buying magazines and idolizing skinny fat girls. Dig into this site and get yourself some subscriptions to fitness magazines. My favorite is www.oxygenmag.com

Stay Strong my friends,

~Lindsey Nadler