It's 2014...It's time...there's an army rising up...

This is what's been stirring in me the past two days.

 I just got back from two weeks of complete rest. One of which was in the mountains of Tennessee where I always find strength and perspective. God seems to show me more things during this time. Probably because I've slowed down and shut up enough to listen. The pressing in my spirit is that it's time for God's daughters to rise up and step into who really are. Myself included. Much is at stake and it starts with us.

 If 2013, has shown me one thing, it's to stop trying to be something that you're not. It's time to let go of unrealistic expectations and this picture of the way everything supposed to be in your head. Stop trying to control everything and be grateful for every moment. Even the bad ones. Because it's in those bad moments that you learn huge lessons. You learn what's really in people. And what's really in you.

 It's time to hone the best parts of you and appreciate the uniqueness that he created you in. It's time to stop making excuses and giving way to fear. It's TIME FOR YOU TO CUT THE HEAD OF FEAR AND KILL THAT DEMON ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

Can you imagine what you would do if you stopped letting fear affect your life?  It's the root of every issue and we must identify it before it seeks to take over. Now. Right now. It's time.

 I believe that 2014 is going to be a pivotal year for you and me. So many battles are going to be won and we must make sure that we train ourselves to be strong. It's time to get out of the mess that's in our heads and transform, yet again. It's time to rise up.

 In fact, it's time to no only rise up but commit.




A word that eludes many people. Here's what it means to me:


Commitment means you do something long after the feeling you made the commitment in has left you. You do it anyway. You let your yes be yes and your no be no. PERIOD. You initiate instead of waiting for someone to spoon-feed you. You take ownership of your role and the action you need to take and GET THE JOB DONE NO MATTER WHAT. Sure life happens, but that doesn't mean you quit.

 So, if you've already written down some resolutions for the year, GREAT! But let's go back and look at what you've actually committed to in your heart. What have you decided, and I mean REALLY DECIDED, you've had enough of? I suggest shortening the list and going hard after what you are really ready to commit to.  You set yourself up for success that way.

 I'm going to say this frankly and please know it's in love. You need to get over your crap. This world needs you and your uniqueness in order to change it. There is a destiny on your life. A special calling that only you can fulfill. And guess what? If you don't take care of yourself and train your body, mind, and soul then the world misses out. That my friend, can NOT happen.


Not on my watch.

 So let's get strong together. Let's do this thing together. Let's train. Let's fight. Let's war. Let's bear fruit.

 It's going to hard. But it's going to be worth it. Join me this year in the uprising of you.





Lindsey Nadler