Getting Real


[I]t’s no secret that I don’t like to cook. Odd for someone whose job is in health in fitness? Yes, probably. Because the truth is you must cook real food and commit to the prep work behind it in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cooking comes with the territory if you expect to live your strongest, fittest life. I get it. But honestly, I hate it. I really do. For an extremely task oriented person like myself stopping to do all that is an inconvenience. Especially when I could be writing, training, reading, or conquering the world ;)

In fact, my dislike for cooking has spilled over into a major dislike of grocery shopping. Yep. I don’t like grocery shopping either. AT ALL. Again, I know this may sound odd for someone in my profession but seriously having to go through each item, study labels, budget and deal with half asleep grocery store clerks irritates me. There are tons of things I would rather be doing than THAT. I also don’t like stopping to fill my car up with gas. Yet another thing that I have to stop and devote energy to that involves entirely too much minutia for my liking. I guess I don’t really like stopping at all. But I digress, back to the cooking thing. Stay with me. I promise I have a point.

I get no stress relief from cooking. I don’t find it peaceful, creative, nor do I desire to improve my skill at. My poor husband… luckily I make up for it in other areas. Yep. I went there. LOL.

So over the past two months, I haven’t cooked a lot. And it shows…

Getting real, I haven’t exactly taken the best care of my body as of late. I’ve promised to always be transparent and real with you so that’s what I’m doing today. Now it hasn’t been crazy nor have I gone completely awal, I’ve just been traveling more and devoting time to other things (not cooking and meal prepping) that require my attention. Isn’t it funny how when we don’t like to do something we conveniently find things that take priority over them?

Well the result is that I’m a little fluffy at the moment. I still love my body and my focus is on what I can do with it, not what the scale says. Whether I gain 5 or 10 lbs I still honor my body and appreciate it as a gift. My worth isn’t tied up in a size or a number on a scale. However, I FEEL much better when I’m a little tighter and less fluffy. I know when I feel the best and perform the best and when I need to reel things back in. Remember this is done with love and appreciation for the body God has given me, not hate or condemnation. Loving your body means you take care of it and change it if needed, but always for the right reasons. This means choosing to do things you might hate (like cooking) or exercises you struggle with (ring dips for me).

Focusing on how much you hate something isn’t going to change it. Rolling your eyes and throwing a fit every time you have to do said thing isn’t going to change it. Knowing what you need to do but not doing it because you choose to have a bad attitude about doing what’s needed to get there is extremely foolish.

If we want our lives, bodies, relationships, etc to change then we have to change our attitudes toward the things we may not like or make us uncomfortable.

Living a truly fit life means having a different attitude towards our struggles, insecurities and dislikes. Whining, withdrawing, procrastinating, and complaining aren’t going to change anything.

My suggestion is that we focus on the results of the things we are doing instead of what we have to do to get there. Gas makes my car run. Food makes me lean and strong. Training gives me confidence and helps me feel like wonder woman.

What you focus on grows. So focus on results instead of how bad you hate the methods. Let’s get real. No more excuses. Change your thinking and you change your life.


Making My Grocery List,

Lindsey Nadler