Persist Without Exception



One of my favorite authors is Andy Andrews. In his book The Traveler’s Gift he talks about 7 decisions that will change your life. It’s an amazing book and I won’t go into the story or all the decisions, today I want to focus on one decision. That is to PERSIST WITHOUT EXCEPTION. This has become a mantra for me and a declarative statement that strikes me to my core.

“I will persist without exception.”

Persisting without exception means you are focused on results. You don’t quit when you’re exhausted or do things only when you feel like it.  Persisting without exception means you take care of business. You get the job done. You have great faith and a great work ethic. It means you follow through.

You don’t stop and start expecting quick results without putting in the necessary work and change on your part.  You commit and then you persist. You know it will be a process and at times very hard. You persist without exception. You don’t let outside opinions affect you nor are you seeking the approval of man.

You may get off track or take three steps forward and two steps back. You persist without exception.

Someone or something may knock you on your butt. You persist without exception. If something isn’t working you look for new ways to make it work. You persist without exception.



Above all else, you believe and you trust. Your attitude is not of the world. You don’t operate like most people therefore your life doesn't look like most peoples.


My sweet friend, when you are overwhelmed and want to quit, DON’T. Remember why you started and persist without exception. 



~Lindsey Nadler