One Of The Biggest Mistakes I See...




No excuses concept




My heart is to help women transform. Women just like you that are busy, tired, and in need of a breakthrough in some area of their life. I personally believe that every woman has a warrior princess living somewhere deep down inside just begging to be released. I believe women are powerful and I belive it’s time for us to rise up.  I believe that YOU are powerful and have a very specific calling on your life that you were born to live out. I want to see you succeed and reach your goals. I want to see you become the best version of you possible  so you can walk out in your calling. So it really pains my heart when I see a woman living a life that is but a  shadow of her potential. I wince when I see a daughter of God suffering from an identity crisis…



So, why does this happen? Well, one of the biggest mistakes I see is when a woman has a habit of making excuses. Excuses will ruin your life because they train you to shift the responsibility off of YOURSELF and onto something else. It’s one of the reasons why America is overweight, broke, and on anti depressants  Now I don’t mean to get all negative nancy on you but in order to see change things must change! It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to take responsibility and move into your destiny. Remember, I say this in complete  love!




I have trained, worked with, and counseled tons of women and we tear down our own house by making excuses. Excuses are a form of self sabotage that must be stopped. When you hear yourself about to make one chop off the head of that lie immediately. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Eliminate any distraction that is keeping you from your goals and get it done. Take ownership and keep moving forward.


"All you need to say is a simple Yes or No; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." Matthew 5:37


Excuses make you a victim instead of an over comer. You are an over comer! Choose it today!  It doesn't matter what anyone else had done to you or said about you. It doesn’t matter what home you were raised in or that you never went to college. It doesn't matter if no one ever taught you, encouraged you , or mentored you. It doesn’t matter if your husband doesn’t support you or if your kids are in rebellion. You have a God in heaven that will give you strength and be ALL things for you.


Never let your reason to do something become your excuse not to. I realize that life is going to happen and we all have our own drama. However, this world still needs you and excuses WILL NOT SERVE your calling.


Today, identify those excuses and throw them away. I believe in you!


Speaking The Truth In Love,

Lindsey Nadler