Lift, Laugh, Love!


Have you ever had one of those moments when you start questioning everything about your life? You stop and ask God why you're here and what's the point and what's your life purpose supposed to be anyway?

I've found myself in a mini season like this as of late. It's one where I know God is changing things and I am put to the test of trusting his patience and timing. Something, I'm admittedly not that great at but I'm choosing to stand firm in knowing that his ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts. Thank goodness.

So as I wait and seek to learn his answers I know there's still action involved in this process. Many people believe that faith is waiting and doing nothing, expecting victory to fall in their laps. That's not how it works. We are to push while we pray and go out and meet whatever provision there is. We go through seasons of life that seem so slow and painful and other times that are fast, exciting and full of joy and newness. The ebb and flow of seasons and life is a mystery of God we do well to seek to understand.

So if you're in a similar season as I am or maybe know someone who is, I write this today to give hope and provide some action steps in the process. Whatever that process may be.

I know I do not have all the answers but God does. I know that he will meet us at whatever level of faith we are at.

So if you find yourself in a time of waiting or in a process of questioning things and you're not sure what to do this is for you. I've learned to do three things if nothing else : Laugh, Lift, and Love.


Here's what they mean....


Laugh. Spend time with positive people that bring you joy. Be silly. Play in the sprinklers and drive in the puddles. Dance even if you don't know how and it's awful. Do this in front of other people just to get a smile. Making other people laugh is good for your soul and theirs too. Stop taking everything so seriously and find something to laugh about. Pay attention to what you are watching, reading, and listening to. Make it light and choose to ban all negativity. You may have to distance yourself from emotionally draining people that complain and are at a lethal dose of cynicism and sarcasm. When you are met with trials and fights choose to laugh it off. This is what confidence in God can do for you. If you really believe that he's on your side and that you really can do ALL things through his strength, then isn't any setback or unfavorable circumstance a joke? Yes. God is who he says he is. He has a great sense of humor too. Go to the park and people watch. You will see what I mean.


Lift. Take care of yourself. Lift weights and lift heavy things in the gym. Get all the stress and tension out and let what you do with your body be worship. Each chance you get to lift you get to harness and bring forth the strength that God has so abundantly blessed you with. This is a good type of pain that is going to make you better and teach your perseverance. Lift heavy things. Overcome the challenge. In addition, be the one that lifts the burdens off of people. Lift others up and give encouragement. Physically lift up your children and spouse if you have them and if you can. Even trying to do this may result in a wrestling match and lots of laugher. Lift heavy things. Even people.


Love. Read 1 Corinthians 13 whenever possible. Choose to do what it says no matter how hard it may be. Love your life. Even the messy parts. There is nothing that can't be redeemed and restored above and beyond where it was before. Love isn't always an emotion. It's an action and a complete choice and surrender of will. Walk in it. I believe God means for this life to be simple. He really only gives us two big ideas and commandments. Love God. Love people. So simple yet so complex. He knew that if we could get these two things down we would be unstoppable.


Laugh, Lift, and Love today...the answer is coming.




Lindsey Nadler