How to Use Affirmations & Visualizations to Overcome Anxiety

How to Use Affirmations & Visualizations to Overcome Anxiety

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How to Use Affirmations and Visualizations to Overcome Anxiety

Today we’re continuing our talk on visualizations and affirmations and how to use these two things together as powerful habits to overcome anxiety.

Visualization is most effective when you're connecting and believing in your heart AND in your mind's eye what you’re affirming with your mouth. This means we are using our God-given imagination to envision a preferred future and aligning our heads and hearts with how God sees us.

Step 1- Connect your head and your heart.

Speak affirmations over yourself and as you affirm, close your eyes and actually visualize yourself as what you're saying.

Remember, we're not called to live this life on autopilot, where we're just repeating things mindlessly like a parrot.

We don’t need more information or one more thing to do.

We need transformation.

This process is about renewing your mind, your brain and your body, with the words that you say and the thoughts that you think.

As you go through this process, God's going to begin to give you words, paint a vision for you, and place some things on your heart that maybe you have not been connected to in a long time, if not ever.

  • What does it look like for you to be a strong, beautiful, confident woman, who's relentlessly loved, who's full of passion and wildly alive?

  • What are the things in your imagination?

  • What is your mind creating?

  • Do you have a picture in your mind of what that is?

If you’ve got a journal handy, write down what God shows you as you go through this process.

And if you need help with affirmations BE SURE to grab your copy of my confidence mantra below.

Step 2- Let Go of anxiety as an identity.

It will be very difficult to overcome something that you’re identity is entrenched in. As I say often, we will not repeatedly do what we don’t believe we are.

Remember, God doesn't call you an anxious person. God says you have the peace in Christ that guards your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. Own that.

So when you start to use visualization and affirmations begin to attach a new identity to what you’re seeing and saying. One that’s focused on your promises instead of your problems.

You must embody the person you say you want to be.

Step 3- Take authority

One of the biggest causes of anxiety and negative self-talk is a core feeling of shae.

Two major fears are rooted in shame,

  1. the fear of not being enough, and

  2. the fear of not getting it right.

Shame is the original ploy of the enemy. It says that instead of being a person who makes mistakes, it says that you are a mistake. It says that you're inherently flawed, which is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

We have an opportunity every day to either live from shame or live from love.

When that thing comes up say, “No, out and away, I command that thought to go.” “You don't live here, you don't partner with me here, because I'm enough, because God calls me his kid and I am who God says I am and that is enough.”

Don't entertain it for one minute, don't put up with it because what you focus on grows.

For some of you, you have just been allowing these things to hang out, and to cuddle up next to you. “I'm not enough, I can't get anything right,” “That's for her not for me,” or “That's great for her but that's just not me. I'm never gonna have that in my life.”

I want to encourage you not to put up with that mess, not for one minute. Nip it in the bud before it ever begins.

Step 4- Use The Five Second Rule

Another tool that is really helpful to combat meltdowns is a concept taught by Mel Robbins, called the five-second rule.

It's so simple, you count to five, , “Five, four, three, two, one,” and you change your thoughts and behavior.

So, if you are feeling like you're not enough, you've got five seconds to feel and do whatever and then, five, four, three, two, one you’re changing. You're changing your brain and you're changing the activity that you're doing.

You've got five seconds to process it and feel it, and then you move on to something different.

Listen, repeated action is the only thing that's going to change where you currently are. Action is what builds confidence.

When you continue to clear your mind, align with God, affirm in your heart and visualize it in your mind's eye over and over and over, and these meltdowns, these anxiety attacks, aren't going to be as big of a deal.

They aren't going to  knock you off your feet and keep you in one to two days of self-pity and self-loathing.

You're able to just recognize it for what it is, that it's a lie, and immediately replace it with truth. Then take action in the direction of your destiny, of your future.

Another tool that is so simple and what I would encourage you to do right now, is to put your hand on your head and your heart and just say, “I declare the love and peace of God over every part of me, every ounce of my being.” Then take a couple of deep breaths and get on with your day.

It really is that simple.

You have to understand the power of the name of Jesus, the power of who you are as a child of God, and the authority that you carry. Don't put up with any of that mess for one minute.

You have a powerful future, you have a calling, and you have an assignment on your life and the battlefield truly is in the mind.

Step 5- Refuse To Be A Victim of Your Emotions

For some of you, you have this belief that you're a victim to your emotions. I want to tell you today that you're not.

One thing that I tell my clients all the time is, not to wake up going, “How am I feeling today?” and to be led by that, but to say instead “What am I believing today?”

  • What am I believing to be true today about myself, about God?

  • Am I believing any of this, am I taking authority?  

  • Am I being intentional with the truth and the promises that God has given me?

You have what you need right now to walk out your calling. It's your brain, your mind and your mouth.

I want you to get authoritative, to get adamant about what you're thinking, about what you're believing, and about what you're speaking.

We've got a retrain your brain and we've got to create a new habit of life and love.

When these meltdowns happen, when these feelings, these triggers, these thoughts come from out of nowhere, understand you have the victory.

You have the authority in Jesus and you need to use it. Don't put up with it for one minute.

When that stuff happens, you say, “Out!” You say, “That's not for me.” You don’t tolerate it.

Go after that thing, don’t even entertain it, not for just one minute. You have to replace the lie, with the truth.

What is the lie that you're believing that started the meltdown in the first place?

What is the trigger that sent you down the negative self-talk, anxiety, self-pity, whatever it is deal? What is it?

Or is it a situation that you actually just need to grieve? There's a huge difference.

Replace all of these lies with the truth.

“I'm a world changer,”

“I'm enough in Christ.”

“I have everything that I need, and I'm full of life,”

“I'm a child of God.”

Making this a habit is going to transform your life. Speaking life and taking authority over your thoughts is a powerful habit that will change your life!

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How to Use Affirmations and Visualizations to Overcome Anxiety


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