How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

How to overcome limiting beliefs

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How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Today we’re talking about limiting beliefs

Our lives will move in the direction of our most dominant thought. So my question to you is: “What is your most dominant thought?”

Take a moment to get still and ask yourself, “What am I believing to be true today?”

Then notice the feeling that follows.

Feelings are simply a red flag for us to backtrack to and ask what it is that we're actually believing and thinking.

So, instead of waking up every day and being led by what you’re feeling, for instance, if you feel like crap you might say, “I feel like crap,” or “I'm emotional,” you can reverse-engineer that by processing the feeling and by asking,

“What am I thinking, and what am I believing?”

If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts.

What are limiting beliefs?

Some limiting beliefs are super sneaky because they operate on a subconscious level, which means we are unaware that we're believing or thinking this way. The first step is self-awareness and the second step is to ask, “How can I reframe these beliefs to a mindset that is full of life and full of faith?”

Important note: If we put our trust and faith in our ability alone to change circumstances and make things happen, we're going to be really really frustrated. Because at the end of the day we’re very powerful people and we’ve been given the spirit of self-control...but we’re not God.

We overcome limiting beliefs when we rewire our brains, and align with love. We want to align with the mind of Christ and thinking as Christ does, which is always filtered through love and abundance and, in turn, filtered through faith.

Limiting beliefs are often beliefs you have about life or yourself, that primarily say that you’re different than everyone else. Your problems, your situation, your circumstances are different.

Limiting beliefs typically start off with thoughts like, “I can't,” “I'm overwhelmed,” “I'll never make it,” or “I'll never be good enough.”

I hear women say things like this, all the time:

“I'm not a creative person, and I'm not really wired for that.” “That's not really in my gifting.”

These thoughts impose a limiting belief on yourself, that says you can't learn anything new, and that all things are not possible in Christ.

When you have limiting beliefs you’re putting yourself in a box, a prison of your own making.

The reality is that we can learn new things and we can do anything we really want to do. We’ve been given an incredible and amazing brain that is adaptive and capable of being renewed. In scientific terms this is called neuroplasticity and we do well to use it!

Neuroplasticity means you can change how your brain is wired and how it functions by the thoughts in your mind. Yes, there is a huge difference between your mind and your brain.

If you allow yourself to have a limiting belief, then you’re changing your brain chemistry, the path of how your brain is physically formed, in order to line up with that belief.

I want to encourage you to get intentional and create some awareness with the beliefs that you have:

  • Are you saying you can't do something or that it is too hard?

  • Are you saying you can’t afford something or that it isn’t for you?

  • Are you constantly calling yourself unorganized, a hot mess, scatterbrained, anti-social, or not a people person?

You are putting yourself into a box with these beliefs, but the reality is that you can change, you can learn a new skill set, and you can get organized and be more social.

You can do the hard things.

Listen, you’re called to do hard things. If you’re not growing then you’re dying.

And Guess what? If you say you can't, you can't.

If you say getting up early is just too hard, then guess what? You're not ever going to get up early.

You won’t ever do what you don't believe.

Many times these beliefs have simply become a habit. They've become a way of living, and we're not even aware of what we're thinking or what we're believing.

We just know we're feeling a certain way and we're just going to live from that feeling, and stay in the box or prison we've created for ourselves.

What you think you will become, what you think about life, what you perceive about life, is what it will be.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

So, If you've got something that you're struggling with, just switch it.

I think a big struggle for women when it comes to stepping out into their calling is in asking:

“Who am I to say anything?”

“What are my credentials or my expertise?”

“What do I have to offer?”

“What do I have to say?”

“Would anyone listen?”

With these thoughts, women put themselves into a category where their story doesn't matter.

Flip the script on your limiting beliefs

We need to flip the script from the limiting beliefs we're saying about ourselves to an affirmation. The reality is that you have a story and your story matters.

Our testimonies matter. That's all we have, and we've got to share them. We've got to share with confidence, vulnerability, and boldness.

Get yourself out of the negativity box you're putting yourself in. The box of limitation. The truth is all things are possible to those who believe.

What is your mountain? What is your struggle? “What is the pattern that's always happening?

You need to break the pattern. You need to take power and authority over what you’re thinking, believing, and speaking every single day.

I want to help you create a habit, to get aware, and adamant about what you're thinking and what you’re saying, and it's going to change the course of your life.

You’re called for such a time as this.

You know that you’re made for more. You feel it in your bones, and you feel it in your gut.

Listen to what are you thinking and believing. If you want different, you've got to do different. You’ve got to break the pattern, you've got to change the cycle.

I believe in each and every one of you, and I want you to love yourselves enough to do something really simple...

Start your day looking in the mirror, loving yourself, and speaking life over yourself. Align yourself with an intimate, deep, passionate, and real relationship with Jesus.

He is the source of all of this, he is everything.

It’s all about being in the vine with him and seeing things through his lens, filtered through your unique personality.

We're all unique, and we're not meant to be little Jesus robots. We're meant to bring out our uniqueness as the masterpiece and work of art that we are.

I want every single person to wake up every day with that fire in their bones and that wildness in their spirit, and that courageousness that says, “I will not stop,” “I will fulfill the call of God on my life.” “I will live passionately and be fully alive.”

Is fear standing in your way?

So many of us want our lives to be different. There's something that we're after, there's something that we want, but fear gets in the way.

I want you to get honest with yourself and get still enough to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”

“Am I afraid of success?”

“Am I afraid of failure?”

“Am I afraid of being uncomfortable?”

Are you afraid of the work you think it's going to take for things to be different? Are you afraid of what people will think?

Whatever it is that you are afraid of, let's turn that fear into love and let's declare it over ourselves every single day.

You can either live with the discomfort of things being like they are, or choose to live with the discomfort of growth and of getting uncomfortable.

There are two types of discomforts in your life:

The discomfort of staying the same and the discomfort of growing and getting uncomfortable.

With either one you're going to be uncomfortable, so choose which scenario you want to live with. You have to decide and make a decision.

Get out of your comfort zone by speaking this over yourself:

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what your limiting beliefs are. Ask yourself what you would like to change.

Ask him to show you right now…

What is something you’ve attributed to yourself?

What have you made your identity that is totally not true and completely changeable?”

Now go about changing that untrue identity and flip the script on your limiting beliefs by affirming your TRUE identity.

Passion is Everything,

how to overcome limiting beliefs


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