Do You Know About These Three Confidence Killers?

Confidence Killers


Today in this video I am sharing about the 3 things that will kill your confidence. I am encouraging you to be aware and mindful, because the more we are aware the more we can be intentional about changing.

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3 of the biggest things I have seen over the past decade of coaching and ministering to women:

I have worked with women from all walks of life, and have seen these 3 confidence killers sneak in and become a 3 headed monster showing up without us realizing it. Taking away our passion, fire, and confidence to move forward, and causing full blown self doubt and fear, and everything that is holding us back from God’s true calling.

So what are they?

Confidence Killer #1: Overthinking

Kills your confidence, passion, and creativity, and is routed in doubt and fear.

Confidence Killer #2: People Pleasing

“If you live for the approval of man, you will also die by the approval of man.”

When you live for another’s approval, and worry and think about everyone else instead of focusing on what you need to walk in your calling, routed in doubt and fear.

Confidence Killer #3: Inability to Bounce Back from Failure

Kills confidence and kills creativity, because your inability to bounce back from failure is routed in fear and in your desire for perfection. You feel like you are not perfect because you failed, and you feel unworthy.

Fear of what?

Fear of not being perfect. If you are not perfect you are not worthy.Feeling that if someone doesn’t approve and give acceptance, then you are not perfect.

The reality is all 3 are routed in perfectionism.

This is an evil that comes at women. When you take a risk and fail, and when you feel that you are not part of the crowd and are not accepted. If you are not confident, but know God has called you to something, look for those 3 things in your life.

Let me tell you this...

You are worthy as is and you are who God says you are, and that is enough.

Not making every decision correctly, and not being perfect is enough. Our lives are stories and journeys. Learn the fast failure, and be ok with it. Look at what you learned and don’t make it personal. Accept the fast failure. Don’t wallow and personalize every failure. Begin to stop personalizing and look instead for how you can grow and learn from God.

Embrace that life is not about being perfect, but going after what God has called you to do, make mistakes and keep going. Embrace your passion, and go out keep going for your passion and take a risk. Do some self awareness and ask yourself what are you overthinking.

Your First Step  

Take 60 seconds and make a decision through messy action. It doesn’t have to be perfect. This is a tough one.

If you had a gun to your head, what would be your gut reaction?

Learn to trust your gut. If it doesn’t work out move on.

Who’s approval do you think you need?

We are taught from an early age to ask permission and seek approval, and it puts us in a place that often makes us feel like we need permission. The fact is you need no one’s permission to walk out the call of God in your life.

You may be wondering, “Who am I to step out and do this that or the other?”

Well you probably are no better than anyone else. God asks us to be humble, and all the more reason to share your story with confidence. Your worth is not defined by your successes or your failures. We are constantly learning and growing through failure and mistakes.

So I am asking you...

Do some inner work and allow God to speak to you about who you are and what your identity is in Christ.  You are who God says you are and that is enough. Learn to live from that place of rest.

Remember passion is everything, so don’t let these 3 confidence killers get you.


Passion Is Everything,



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