How to Communicate Confidently

How to Communicate Confidently

How to Communicate Confidently

Today I want to talk to you about Confident Communication, what it is, why you need it, and something new we are adding to my signature course Called and Confident!

I’ve been hearing lately about this issue of communicating with confidence over in the Passionista Community. How to put yourself out there, how to set boundaries and get better in social settings even if you are an introvert (like me!), and how to continue to show up as your most confident self.

So how do we sell better, get better at public speaking, and lead better at work? The answer is we need the skill set of Confident Communication.

I recently hosted my 1-hour live training with live Q&A, Confident Communication.

In Confident Communication, I urge women to understand what confidence is:

  • An identity you own

  • A skillset you practice

Confidence is a choice and an inner knowing of who God says you are, and understanding that you are enough. In the past my confidence was conditional. I was a performance-based work-a-holic gal. Overall, my self-esteem was inconsistent and based on perfection.

This type of messaging is ingrained into women from a young age. We are taught to be pleasing, good, perfect, and are not necessarily taught to take risks, go on adventures, or to go and figure things out. This has become a pattern in the lives of women everywhere.

So if you’re struggling with confident communication and putting yourself out there, communicating in social settings, and leading, I am going to teach you a really simple skill set to break through and learn the skillset and the identity to communicate confidence for you. My Confident Communication training will give you these practical, simple, and actionable things you can do to take action.

As a coach, I love to take things people make out to be really big, scary, and hard and make them as easy and as simple as possible. We need to remove the fear and get down to the most simplified version, because things are simpler than we make them out to be.

I want to empower women to know that we CAN do hard things and show up as the confident amazing women that we are.

So if you want to get better at communicating with confidence you need to grow this skillset. You need to learn to ASK for what you need. What holds people back is that they lack confidence, and live in fear, self-doubt, and unworthiness. Even more so, they spiritualize their dysfunctions.

When you know who God says who you are, and live from a place where you don't have anything to prove, and don’t live for the opinions of others, confidence comes through. Confidence and passion are on two sides of the same coin. When you’re connected to what sets your heart and soul on fire, you can't help but talk about it.

The biggest questions I get are:

“Do I have what it takes?”

“Can I do it?”

“Can I be successful?”

My answer is YES you can, but do you believe in you?

Own what is going on in your heart and believe in yourself. God has given you dreams and gifts, and you’re meant to make an impact in the world, in fact, you are called to. We don't do that by setting out to change the world, we just show up as our most confident and amazing selves and let that shine. Then in the process, everything changes.

Inside my course, Called and Confident we get to the bottom of who God says you are. We learn how to live confidently from a place of REST. We get into the issues women face, like the battle over negative self-talk, fear, guilt, and shame, and toxic relationships. I teach you how to win, overcome, and activate the lifestyle of a Called and Confident woman.

We ask questions like, “What are my daily rhythms?” “What is my mindset?” We unpack all of this and more in the course and learn about the foundation of confidence, so that you can learn to be confident without trying.

The point is you need to find out how you can grow with this skillset. My Confident Communication training is a bonus in this course!! It will teach you about foundational identity, a skill set that will carry you through on this journey, with lifetime updates, and a follow along workbook.

Women have gone through my course Called and Confident, and are saying they are loving this tool to have in their back pockets when they are met with battles doubting who they are. 3 months later, 6 months later after joining Called and Confident, women are using this tool when met with battles that aim to steal their confidence and take away their faith.

I know so many of you have this burning passion in your hearts and want to create something different in your lives. But the truth is if you don't have confidence, but you do all of these practical things without getting to the root of who God says you are, and you don't deal with inner work or mindset, then you will be in a situation where what you’re doing is not sustainable. To have confidence you have to build the emotional framework to walk out your calling in a way that is sustainable.

Passion is Everything,


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If you know you need help communicating with more confidence on social media, at work, in social settings, or public speaking be sure to check out my training all about confident communication here.

The doors to Called and Confident are now open! Click below to learn more!

How to Communicate Confidently


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