How To Stomp Insecurity In The Ground And Walk Away Confidently

3 steps to overcome insecurity


Insecurity sucks and I hate it. In fact, I LOATHE it. Never before has a generation struggled with it like ours.  Specifically, I’m sick of what it does to women. How it makes us think and act. How it keeps us drowning in a negative cycle of self-focus and comparison.  How it keeps us always on the defensive and completely miserable. How it makes us control freaks and slaves to the drama of the day. Today women are the most liberated we've ever been.

We have the freedom to do almost anything and everything but are still, in many ways, so very insecure. Realizing that freedom doesn't necessarily bring security, is a tough pill to swallow.  So what do we do about it? Personally, I’m fed up with it and I’m declaring war!! Today I'm deciding to stomp insecurity in the ground and walk away confidently. You can do this too!

Webster’s Dictionary Defines Insecure as:


Recently, I've had to tackle this issue head on. I've had it on my heart for a while now to expand my personal training services. I want to be able to reach people all over the world and help them transform. I've got some pretty big dreams on my heart, and I know in order to see them come true I'm going to be stretched. I’m going to have to learn how to do things I've never done before. Recording videos has been one of them. Nothing like putting videos on the internet for the whole world to see,  Yikes!

 It’s been extremely difficult to do this. Everyone thinks the sound of their own voice is weird, but I find myself saying “Do I really sound like that?” , “Do I really LOOK like that!” “Gross!”.  I’m shocked to find out that I’m not as confident as I thought and still have much growing to do in this area. So after I recorded this last video for the billionth time, I decided I had had enough of this whole insecurity thing. Perfectionism can be the worst type of insecurity. I’m done with it. It’s a waste of time for us, and our time is precious. I must stop obsessing and move confidently in to what God is asking of me. For he formed us in our mother’s womb, and knows every hair on our head. His works are wonderful! We have nothing to be insecure about if we know who our father is! Nothing!

So God gave me this little three step plan to stop insecurity when its nasty little head pops up. Let me be clear, WHAT YOU TOLERATE, YOU GIVE PERMISSION TO EXIST. Declare war on this thing. Do not allow it in your life! I've been using this and it works!

The Three R's (Realize, Repent, Replace)

Three Steps to Stomp Insecurity In The Ground and Walk Away Confidently.

1. Realize

Many times we don’t even realize when we are being insecure. Can you imagine how many conflicts could be avoided if the both or one of the people involved operated from a secure position? Insecurity has many faces. It may be arrogance, shyness, controlling, despondency, demeaning, drama queen, etc. Take a minute to assess your behavior and ask “What is this really about?”, “What am I unsure of?” Get to the core of the issue. Why are you acting the way you are? This is going to be different for everyone.  It may be a lie you were told when you were young. It may be that someone hurt you in the past and you have unforgiveness in your heart. You may be jealous or envious or offended.  The first step is to realize what the trigger is, and then stomp on it. When you see a potential for a flare up, extinguish it before it starts. 

 2. Repent

Repentance is the key.  At the end of the day, insecurity is an overwhelming focus on self. Even a bad focus on self is still a focus on self. It’s just another way we make everything about us. Think about the first letter of the word insecurity. “I” is what it becomes all about. If your acting or have acted out of insecurity, repent of this immediately and ask God to take whatever the insecurity is away. Forgive who you need to forgive. Let it go.  You may even need to write it down on a piece of paper and burn it or shred it. Get it out and get it gone. Appreciate that you are created in his image. You have been given an image and a life to steward for him. If you haven’t done a great job of that, repent and then get to it! True repentance turns you into a different person with different actions. 


Once you've done the above, replace your thoughts based on the truth of the Word of God. Distinguish from lies and from truth. Whatever is noble, whatever is right, and whatever is lovely. Think on these things! Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Often times, you don’t need to feel differently but think differently.  I highly encourage you to get your bible out and read it out loud.  Here’s a GREAT place to start. Open your bible up to Ephesians. Every time you see the word us, replace it with your name.  Do that every day! In doing this you will quickly learn how to replace a lie with truth. This is powerful!!

I could go on and on about this, but that’s it for now. There will be more to come! Look for a video from me soon!  ;)

Speaking The Truth In Love,