Learning To Live From Rest

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Last night I had a breakthrough. A complete revelation that I want to share with you because I know it will bless your socks off. 

So, last night I was sitting on my couch with my pups at my feet watching a new course called Still, by Jenny Donnelly. Jenny has influenced my life in powerful ways and I highly recommend buying anything she puts out. It's no secret that I believe strongly in continual personal and spiritual growth. So much so, that I’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses, trainings, and coaching because I’ve seen the power of what happens to a woman’s life that’s committed to growth.

We can grow 20 years in two or two years in 20. It’s all a matter of what we are willing to invest in ourselves. 

So as I’m watching this course Jenny's voice reached out through the screen and grabbed me as she explained a simple acronym for the word rest. 


Boom. Enter the revelation. I began to hear that still small voice impress some things upon me and open up insight for me and for you. 

My calling in life is and has always been about empowering women and seeing them step into what God is calling them to be. Over the years, the assignment has changed but the calling remains the same and has always come back to one thing; empowerment. 

So it goes without saying that I get asked the same questions a lot. You see, we all share the same struggles. The only difference is the number on our mailbox. No matter the question, it typically begins with “How do I _______.”

If we aren’t careful, “How do I “can put us in a place of thinking that we have to have all the answers, figure everything out. That it’s all up to us when it isn’t. No wonder there is such a struggle with fear and anxiety (unrest). Believing everything is up to you is a giant weight to put on our shoulders. One we were never asked to carry. 

Release. Every. Single. Thing. 

To me this means surrendering my need to control, fix and solve all my own problems. It means I put whatever it is in the hands of a loving father God. It means I get out of the way and surrender the work to God. He’s got this. 

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t handle business, responsibilities or participate in my healing and transformation. It DOES mean that my strength gets out of my head and my own abilities and things shift into the rest and power of a loving, wild, kind, just and faithful father.

Release. Every. Single. Thing. 

I found that we all have that thing or things that we just have a hard time releasing into his hands. That mini control freak in all of us has it’s claws around something. But if we get the revelation to release every single thing we enter into real rest and trust and maybe it’s time to pry it out of those clutches. Release. Every. Single. Thing. 

Your body and your soul will thank you for it. 

Now, can you imagine if I wouldn’t have been willing to invest in that course for myself? I wouldn’t have gotten this breakthrough and neither would you. 

What we invest into ourselves is never really about us anyway. Receive that. 

Release. Every. Single. Thing. 


Passion Is Everything,