Healthy Holiday Baking In My Kitchen

  [A]s of late I have been doing a ton of baking and cooking. It's that time of the year for me, plus the key to my husband's heart is FOOD. Sigh. For a gal that could eat tuna fish everyday and be OK, I have had to really grow in this area. So I thought I would bring  you in to what I'm doing and  give you an inside look into what I'm using to cook and remain truly fit at the same time. Here are the must haves for baking in my kitchen. All can be found on amazon at great prices. I forgot to include ghee (clarified butter) and coconut oil in the pic but you can find them on amazon as well.  These are pretty much my must haves and what I would consider staples in any healthy kitchen. Below the pic I've included some tips and suggestions for you to move through the holiday season and enjoy baked goods without getting off track. 

The essentials are from left to right: Almond flour, coconut milk, apple cider vinegar, practical paleo, against all grain, coconut flour, really raw honey, food processor, ghee, and coconut oil (not shown).


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1.       Practical Paleo and Against All Grain have become my manuals. My body responds best to no grains or low grains and minimal dairy. Practical Paleo has more hearty dishes and Against All Grain is rich in baked goods and kid friendly meals. I like to keep things simple and refuse to spend tons of time researching recipes. I keep these two handy and keep trucking.

2.       If you like to save time in the kitchen invest in a good food processor. This one can dice, slice, mix and shred. I love it because it saves me from having to cut everything up myself or mix by hand.  This is great for people that don't like to be in the kitchen all day! You can do everything with it. If I can decrease kitchen time then I can have more time with my family, which is what I'm after.  

3.       When baking, make sure you melt the coconut oil and the really raw honey before you start mixing. If you don't your goods will turn out greasy and heavy.

4.       Really Raw Honey is the way to go. Buy it instead of any other kind. Trust me. 

5.       Use coconut milk that comes in a can and has the least amount of ingredients possible.

6.       Shop amazon and buy in bulk. You can sign up for free shipping and save tons of money on deals, etc.

7.       NEVER USE WHITE REFINED SUGAR. There is simply no reason for you to do this when you can use natural sweeteners that taste the same. White sugar is your enemy.

8. Use apple cider vinegar any time you can. Same for coconut flour and almond flour. I could write a novel about the benefits but won't. 

9. Buy a cute apron and wear it. Trust me, you'll just feel better ;)

10. Keep your portions in check. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean go nuts ;)


As always, I love to know how things are going for you. What are you doing to stay truly fit this holiday season? Come on over to the Facebook page and let me know how you are doing. 



~Lindsey Nadler