Are You Grateful For You?

Practicing Body Positivity & Gratitude

Happy Monday! It’s the first week of November and we are moving into the holiday season at mach speed.  For me, I’m in full on holiday survival guide mode for myself and my clients and absolutely loving it! Part of helping people is listening to what they say. So scrolling social media and listening to hearts is something I’m always doing. Well, I noticed on Friday that many people have started every day by listing out what they are grateful for and plan to chronicle this every day of November.

Have you seen this? People will post something like-

“Day 1- I am thankful for my husband and my amazing children.”

They post something different each day and it reminds us to be grateful during the month we are to give thanks.

Well of course this got me thinking about you and women in general. So I have a question to ask you and I want you to answer it honestly and openly to the best of your ability. Here it is:

Are you grateful for you?

I’m not inviting you to pride or boasting here. Honestly, are you grateful for your body and your unique abilities? Are you grateful that you were literally molded in the image of God? It’s pretty incredible to think about if we slow down enough to really comprehend it. As women we have the tendency to constantly compare our bodies to every other woman. Whether it be in person, the magazine rack and don’t even get me started on Pinterest; it never seems to be enough.

We focus on our imperfections and problem areas without even giving one iota of attention to the good things we got going on. When’s the last time you sat down and said, “Thank you God for creating me in your image. Thank you for this body and the opportunity you have given me to use it.”Try it out now and then let’s break it down a little further. Can you walk? Run? Pick up a case of water with ease and carry it? Have ten fingers and ten toes? Can you breathe on your own? Do you have the ability to see, speak, and hear? Can you do a squat? Pullup? Sit up? Have you birthed children?! This alone should give you confidence! What incredible strength God has put in you! Pick them up as long as you can. 

I know many people that would kill for an able body to do such things. Here’s what I know, when you are truly grateful for a gift to the core of your being you tend to take really good care of it. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do or don’t have or what you’ve let go, show gratitude for you strengths. What you focus on you will get more of.

For me, I am very grateful I can lift, snatch, squat, and jump. I know that God created me a warrior princess and I intend to stay that way to the best of my ability. He created you to be one too. Own your unique strengths. Compliment his creation and receive his gifts to you. Take care of them this week.