Gear to Get

I love sharing things I use that help me maintain a truly fit life!!!

Will you post the gear you love in the comments below?

Here are my top 3!



This is so helpful for  organization! If we fail to plan then we plan to fail. These come in all shapes and sizes and help you organize everything from food to supplements. 6 pack abs are made in the kitchen and these are a great reminder for that!

6 pack bags


Emmy J's are the perfect tool for us truly fit gals! These are cute and will not leave a ponytail bump in your hair. Sooooo.... you can get a quick workout in and then put your hair back down for work. It also helps prevent damage that elastic bands can cause. Say goodbye to ponytail headache!

emmy j




Last but not least is my Clairsonic! This is going to get your face truly clean!!!

This deep cleanses and is completely worth it. It gently buffs and gets rid of the deep down grime. Lots of options here. I have the 3speed Aria.