Fun Ways to Boost Confidence

Fun Ways to Boost Confidence

Fun Ways to Boost Confidence

In today's video I'm sharing some fun practical ways to boost your confidence, so you can look better, feel better, and go after your God-given dreams with a passion in your gut  and a fire in your soul.

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Tip One: We are who God says we are and that is enough

Sustainably and long term we have to know that our confidence comes from who we are and how we carry ourselves. And that we are who God says we are and that is enough.

We are enough and we are loved.

You have to know this in your heart and in your gut, and live in that place all of the time.

Getting your nails done every week is not going to cut it, and is not a confidence fix.

The foundation is, “I am who God says I am and that is enough,” and if you believe that you are a child of God and you love yourself as you love others, then you're going to begin to take care of yourself in a sustainable way.

Tip Two: If you look good you feel good

Here's the reality I don't care who you are. If you look good you feel good. I'm a former college athlete, and the reality is like when you have your uniform on you feel better.

While that's not the source for ALL things confident. You don’t need to feel guilty about investing in yourself or taking care of yourself, and doing what it takes for you to feel good and bring the confident energy with you wherever you go.

You have a calling and a purpose for your life. God's got an assignment for you, and you can't let anything hold you back. You have to begin to look at yourself and take care of yourself like you are a professional athlete in a lot of ways. Your energy, your time, your finances, your thought processes, and in how you carry and take care of yourself.

Tip Three: Make it confidence for you.

It is important that it is confidence for you. So what I do that makes me feel confident may not be your jam. For me, I legitimately believe I'm a better human being when I have a great tan, but that's me!

For you, that may not matter. Maybe you feel beautiful having your nails done a certain way, maybe it is wearing a particular brand of jeans or having a particular hair color. It might be you KNOW what it is that you feel the MOST confident wearing and the most confident rocking.

You don't need to have any guilt about taking care of yourself.

So girlfriend, go buy the shoes!! Go get your hair done, get your nails done. Do whatever it is for you that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Here is a secret, one of my goals for my life is to ONLY sleep in luxury pajamas. Slowly but surely I am building my collection, but it is something that makes me feel beautiful and confident.

Look at what makes you feel confident. There is no shame in doing whatever it takes to take care of yourself. You can be beautiful apart from being vain.

A lot of times the religious spirit tells us it is materialistic and self-absorbed to take care of ourselves, but let me tell you self-love is not self-absorption.

Tip of the Day: Go do something for yourself that makes you feel confident!

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Fun Ways to Boost Confidence

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