Your Friday Doesn't Have To Be Black



If you're anything like me then you have no idea why black Friday is called black Friday. I honestly thought it was called black Friday because everyone acts so crazy, gets in debt, and overeats all weekend. That's pretty black and dark to me. Anyways, I asked my husband who is the analytical numbers type and he explained to me why. Black Friday is called black Friday because it's the highest revenue day in the year. It's the day where businesses get out of the "red" and into the black".  They are gaining profits and gaining more income. While that may be great for business and great for the economy, I think of this day as something altogether different for a lot of American women and it looks pretty dark. I think my original definition was more correct. This past week may have been rough for you. If it wasn't, then send this to a friend who you know has been through it.

If this past week has left you tired, worn out, bloated and beating yourself up for not eating better, pleasing everyone, and having the "perfect" Thanksgiving then take heart. Today is a brand new day. Leave the past behind and start fresh right now.

Today doesn't have to be dark for you. It doesn't have to be black with guilt, self-loathing, low self-esteem, or self-medication through shopping, food, etc. You don't have to get caught up in going into debt to please everyone or keepin up with the Jones'. Today you have the choice to be set apart. You have a choice to accept responsibility and move forward. That's what warrior princesses do. And trust me friend, YOU ARE A WARRIOR PRINCESS. Once you start to realize this, your decisions and attitude will reflect who you are and your light will shine through on everyone and everything.

Let me let you in on a little secret. No one has it all together. We're all 75% at best. Stop comparing yourself and beating yourself up. It's a colossal waste of your precious life and you have much to live for. 

No one can be you as good as you can be you. Take care of yourself. Fill your mind, body, and heart with nourishment and decide, STARTING TODAY, that you won't let the blackness settle in. This world needs your uniqueness and most of all your light. Shine on friend. You're worth it.

 If you need help taking care of yourself and have decided enough is enough my online training group is a great place to start

See you next week!

Speaking The Truth In Love,