Drop The Drama And Pick Up The Weights

favre queen

Oh the life of a woman. The never ending barrage of thoughts and ever present and mighty "To Do" list.  I watch some of my clients and am seriously in complete AWE of them. I train women that have extremely demanding work schedules, families, and responsibilities. I watch them juggle it all. I watch them push themselves and stay committed to a process of becoming the strongest they can be. 

Recently, I was having a conversation with one of them and she said, "I look so forward to our training because it helps me be a more patient and stable mom."   I don't typically give parenting advice during sessions so I pressed further. She basically said that our workouts allowed her to funnel her stress and get her day centered and started off right. She was less irritable with her three kids and able to have more fun with them. What she said is so true. We can quickly become drama mammas and drama queens if we don't release the stress. I've become more apparent of this in my own life. Little things start to aggravate me and become huge things if I don't drop the drama and pick up some weights. In my case, I really need to throw some heavy weights around and challenge myself twice a week. I mean I really want to be exhausted. I want to overcome a workout so I can go overcome the rest of my day. 

Part of our dilemma as women is that we live in constant service and sometimes leadership to others. We have the tendency to feel guilty for doing things for our self. I'm not talking about frivolous or irresponsible things. I'm talking about doing something JUST FOR YOU every day that allows you to be refreshed and focused , SO THAT you can be the servant leader God called you to be. So what's your thing you're doing for you? A good place to start is a heart pounding workout. It doesn't have to take long either! Drop the drama and pick up those weights and don't feel guilty about it! Drop the guilt too! Watch how your mood changes for the next two weeks. 

Here are four cheap tools you can keep handy. 

1. A Medicine Ball

2. An Old Tractor Tire

3. Pair of Moderate to Heavy Dumbbells

4. A Jump Rope

Take 5-10 minutes and unleash! Be watching soon for a video on how to use these four to be drama free:) 

Dropping The Drama,