Declare Your Freedom!


Hello my love! Happy 4th of July! You've been on my heart and mind so much over the past couple of days and I wanted to share with you where Iv’e been and what I've been thinking about. This post couldn't have come at a better time of year. As our country celebrates freedom from oppression, and independence from tyranny, I encourage you to do the same in your own life. It’s time to declare your freedom and live it! Let’s go!

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If you saw on my Facebook page, I just got back from Encounter 2013 with Oneand2 ministries. This ministry has been instrumental in my personal growth process and has been a catalyst for complete life change and transformation. Sometimes all you need to do is just show up and let God move. I think it’s important to let you know that I am always investing in myself and looking for opportunities to grow so that I can pour into you at full speed.  Be careful of people that think they have it all figured out! None of us do! All we have is a knowledge and wisdom from our struggles and journeys. Everyone has a story to tell and I never want to miss out on a new opportunity to learn so I can help you grow.

At Encounter, I listened to the heartbeat of so many women. I listened to their tears, struggles, and pain. Sometimes we just have to get it out so we can get it over with. There’s freedom in that. One question we dealt with the most, and what I ask you today is, ”What are you believing to be true about yourself?” “Are you living out what the world thinks of you or what God thinks of you?” 

Take out your pen and journal right now and draw a line down the middle of a new sheet of paper. On one side, right down everything  the world has tried to tell you about yourself.  Write down the expectations, the curses, the judgments. Declare your freedom from it!  Let it all out! Get it over with! This is no longer who you are. You are a warrior princess fashioned in God's image. You are capable of extraordinary things. Don't for one second think you aren't worth taking care of. Warrior princesses walk out in freedom and make themselves strong. 

Now, On the other side right down what God says about you. Oh and for the record, God does not hate you! He does not speak in condemnation, guilt, or shame. He speaks only in love. Write down the things you never heard anyone say. Write down the things you want to know and hear about yourself. Close your eyes and listen to him whisper to you. He is always speaking. Are you listening?

let it go


My love, he thinks those things. He whispers those things to you. You are his cherished one. You are his child and he ALWAYS gives good gifts to his children. The most important thing about doing this exercise is that you repeat out loud every day who God says you are. Don’t let what the world says define who you are. Only God does that. Get your Bible out. Press in. His love letter to you can be found there. In it is your freedom.


As you celebrate our country’s freedom today celebrate your own as well. You are cherished. You are free!

Rejoicing in your freedom,

Lindsey Nadler