Don't Get Caught Up In Crazy




Red and Green ornaments


It’s December. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

This past weekend I climbed up my attic and drug down all of our Christmas decorations.  Trust me, this is a workout in of itself. As I sat staring at the massive pile of all things glittery and shiny in the middle of my living room I felt the pressure starting to set in. Do you know the kind of pressure I’m talking about? The rush to get everything up and decorated perfect so you can have the “perfect” Christmas with your “perfect” family. The pressure to make sure everything is picturesque, delightful, pottery barn and Martha Stewart worthy? Then I had this thought, “Why am I doing this? Let’s just keep it simple.” And so half of my decorations went back up in the attic and I took a big deep breath of relief. My husband did too. You see, all those decorations in my house don’t really matter, the people in it do. And this year I refuse to get caught up in crazy.

 I’m going to be honest and I may be the only person willing to admit this, but I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. At least not the over commercialized, gluttonous version that America celebrates. I’m a fan and lover of Jesus and I choose to celebrate that EVERY DAY. But as far as “seasons” go I would much rather enjoy the laid back atmosphere of fall all year.  I don’t mean to be a scrooge but I see so many women working themselves into all out frenzies this time of year and I’m really not sure they know why. What’s all this for? Who is all this for? Why is it normal to knowingly and willingly gain 10lbs or more and go into debt? Why is it normal to go to twenty different holiday parties and be so busy and exhausted that you snap at everyone in your household?

Let’s exchange busy for intentional this month and dial it back a notch. Let’s train hard, love hard, and enjoy our lives in each precious moment.

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s learn to say no to stress, offense, people pleasing, and hustle. Let’s move through December with focus, compassion, and PEACE. Let’s focus on Jesus first, family second and then everything else that comes with the Christmas season. You don’t have to be perfect, perform, obsess, or overindulge. You can read Luke this month and every month after.  Celebrate year round. Give year round. Have JOY year round. Be yourself year round.

Don’t get caught up in crazy. Keep it simple. Celebrate the lover of your soul and the savior of our world.

In Love,

Lindsey Nadler