Built To Last


[O]k so the above picture is hilar (pardon the language) but it's so true. This one small change in your thinking can make a BIG difference in your freedom and joy. The message is very simple: Focus on becoming as strong as possible and results are going to come as a natural by product of that commitment.

Isn't that freeing? No more obsessing over the scale or the size of our jeans. Just an all out focus and commitment to becoming consistently strong. In fact, I think I really like that word...becoming.

What are we becoming? Weak or strong? Small or big? Healthy or unhealthy? Committed or flaky? If we are what we repeatedly do then what does that say for our activity level?

I believe that if we focus too much on losing weight, becoming smaller, and being the "perfect size" that we miss what God is trying to teach us about our bodies. He wants us to persevere and build a body and lifestyle that lasts. Yes, the two must go together.

Make no mistake, HIS calling on our lives will require it.

We aren't training and eating nourishing foods simply for a wedding, a bikini, a reunion or a competition. We are training and eating as a way to live. In this way we will be built to last. Steady, consistent and strong. Notice the word easy or convenient isn't in the description I gave. Anything worthwhile will never be. If we want lives and bodies that are built to last then we must buy into a mindset that's in it for the long haul no matter how hard or how long it takes and regardless of what anyone else is or is not doing.

This is a process.

It's trial and error experiment at first to figure out how your body responds to certain things and how it metabolizes. It's important to take note of this and give things TIME so you can evaluate and learn to listen and direct your body. Appreciate what your body can do and how uniquely it moves. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!!

As you become stronger and hone a body that is meant to last, you WILL find new confidence and life. You will become capable and you WILL learn to always push what those limits are.

Refuse fear.

Decide to move forward today and let go of the pressure and restrictions. You GET to train and you GET to eat great food that keeps you strong. Restriction and lack will always breed rebellion and cheating.

Keep your focus on your strength, on your beauty, and remember that YOU ARE CAPABLE.



Lindsey Nadler