His Body Was Broken



Candy. Eggs. Kids frolicking and laughing. Everyone dressed in his or her very best and taking family pics on the front porch. Sunday service. Family meals. Joy, peace, and love. It’s Easter. It’s spring time. It’s awesome and I love all of it.  This is like super bowl weekend for Christians. It rocks!

But amidst all the color and light and fun I want to offer some perspective and a gentle reminder.

I want us to remember that his body was broken for us. I don’t even think our human minds can comprehend the pain. The torture, mutilation and absolute agony he felt. All for us. All so we could live, breathe, and have life…. not just a Sunday lunch.  If you’ve been in church or a Christian for very long you hear this over and over. It can become so engrained and repetitive that I’m afraid it loses it’s realness and we just go through the motions without even realizing what we are talking about.

Do we really live our lives focusing on that pain and what he did or us?

I know I should probably lighten up but I just can’t on this one.  Jesus died so we could live. He died and beat the devil at his own game so that you and me could be reconciled to God and live FULLY. 

So are we?

This weekend should give us a gut check on that one.

His pain had a big purpose. Yours does too.

It’s my belief, that in addition to everything Jesus did on the cross for us, one of the biggest was modeling that we can go through immense amounts of pain and eventually be made completely new because of it. Although we may not physically die there may be some parts of us that die spiritually or emotionally. There will be scars there but victory nonetheless.

I want us to remember that this weekend. So if you’re cool with it, I thought I would give you a little challenge to complete.

One of the things I have my clients do as homework is read the crucifixion story in all four gospels and then answer the following questions in their journals. I want you to do the same with the focus being on overcoming pain and letting Jesus forge an iron will in us. So the challenge is to read the accounts and then answer the following:

What type of will do you think that took?

Can you really grasp what that was like?

Do you realize that same will is in you?

Does this challenge something you’ve believed before?

Write down your thoughts and what God spoke to you as you read.

Remember this, his body was broken for you. He has scars too. He loves you and is with you in your pain. He has gone through it too. You are not alone. The victory is yours but you still must fight.

Do what he did. Rise beloved.




I would love to know what he reveals to you this weekend and how you are celebrating. Come over to the FB page and let me know. BE BLESSED!