Are You Truly Passionate?

Are You Truly Passionate

Are You Truly Passionate?

Today I am talking about what is means to be truly passionate, and what it means to feel truly alive…

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One of the things that I do more than anything, is to help women get connected to their passion. To find it, own it, tap into it, and steward it. When we live from a place of passion we live FULLY alive.

I believe that passion is everything. It’s what I’m about and it’s what I teach and what I’ve built an entire coaching practice on.

But how do we know if we are passionate about something when there are so many things clamoring for our attention? The first question to ask yourself is “Am I really passionate about this or just excited and emotionally moved?”.

Many times people say they’re passionate about something, but they’re really just excited. Excitement is not passion.

Let me explain some things about being passionate… 

Passion looks like you are mildly obsessed. Not defined by it, but obsessed with it.

You lose track of time. You don't think about eating or sleeping. You look up and it's been 12 hours, and you thought it'd only been 30 minutes.

You get lost in what you're doing, and even though you may be working really hard, you get something from it.

Passion is when you have moments where you realize, “This is why I was put on this planet.” It fuels you but doesn’t drain you.

Being truly passionate also involves incredible perseverance and a, “I’m in it to win it” attitude. Passion is also a willingness to sacrifice. After all, the Passion of the christ was coined because of a willing sacrifice. Sacrifice because of and intense love for humanity.

Sooo what are you willing to let go of to have what you want? What are you willing to sacrifice for what sets your soul on fire?  

When you’re willing to sacrifice...

Now, I'm not saying we're called to be martyrs, but in life, if you want to go after what you're passionate about there will be things you need to let go of, bless and release.  

But hear me, the sacrifice is always worth it. There's always a blessing on the other side of it, maybe not in this life, but certainly in the next one.

The biggest sacrifices will happen when you begin to live with passion, chase your calling, and step out of your comfort zone.

Your new life will cost you your old one.

So begin to look at the areas where you’re comfortable and ask yourself how you need to get uncomfortable. I'm talking about facing the fear gremlins, the stuff that's shaky, and the stuff that you think you're not good at. Passion will require you to overcome these and develop new skill sets.

If you’re truly passionate you’ll be willing to get out of your comfort zone and grow, in order to make your dreams a reality.

When you're truly passionate about something,

You’ll find a way,

You'll figure it out.

You'll increase your skill set.

You'll learn new things.

You won't succumb to fear.

So, if you’re sitting here today and you're saying, “I’m multi-passionate”, “I've got so many things I'm into and that I like but I don’t know which way to go.” Then stepping out of your comfort zone by taking steps to grow will help you narrow your passions down tremendously. Asking what you’re willing to sacrifice and how you persevere through hardship will determine what your truly passionate about or just excited about.

If you're passionate about something, you take action. You keep getting back up no matter what.

To recap, we gauge if we are truly passionate about something by:

  • Mild obsession and immersion

  • Sacrifice and the willingness to grow

  • Perseverance

So chase what you were born to chase and be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!

Passion Is Everything,

Are You Truly Passionate


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I love showing women how to find themselves by finding a deeper relationship with God in my online courses and group coaching experiences. Passion is everything! 


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