8-Week Spring Shred Down Challenge!


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The sun is finally starting to shine here and we are starting to see a faint glimmer of the hot months to come. Personally, I am craving being able to take the top off my jeep and get some Vitamin D! The time for shorts, tank tops and bikinis beckons us! If that statement made you a little nauseated DO NOT FEAR. Don’t panic either; I’ve got you covered.

I am very excited and honored to announce that starting March 31st I will be teaming up with my sister in iron, Christy Harper- owner and head trainer at Crossfit 318, to bring you the Spring Shred Down Nutrition Challenge. It’s an 8-week challenge designed to whip you into shape and get you completely ready for Spring.

It kicks off tmrw at Crossfit 318 with a FREE nutrition seminar at 1030am for my local peeps. I will also be recording the seminar and posting as much as I can for you if you’re not local. Additionally, I am uploading a PDF of our handout outlining what we will discuss and the 8-week challenge in detail. There are no excuses not to have the knowledge! We are giving everyone a week to review and prepare and then we are going at it hard!

Please understand that what you are getting for free with coaching from the seminar adds up to over 10 years of combined experience with nutrition and using our own bodies as science experiments. Trust us! It’s going to ROCK! Your PDF is available for download here. 



THIS IS FREE FOR MEMBERS AND CLIENTS and $37 for anyone else if you register by WED March 26th.

After that the price will go up to $47 and we will close the group on Monday March 31st.


Keep in mind you would pay over $100 an hour to anyone else for this type of coaching and guidance and you are getting it for $37 dollars for 8-Weeks!!



What the 8-Week Spring Shred Down Challenge Includes:

  • Access to private Facebook group where you will receive one on one guidance and encouragement from myself as well as other experienced trainers and coaches
  • Weekly nutrition challenges designed to help you form healthy habits.
  • Daily accountability and check ins.
  • Expert knowledge on how to implement specific changes to help you reach your physical, fitness and nutritional goals.
  • The opportunity to earn fabulous prizes based on certain categories of transformation and progress. (Certain rules required)
  • Q&A session times to make sure you are on track.
  • Exclusive Fitness and Performance tips.

At the end of this 8 week program, you can expect to be leaner, feel more energized, sleep better, perform better, learn discipline and self-control, gain confidence, and have a greater understanding of nutrition and how your body responds to it. 


How To Get Started:

Step 1: Attend the Free Seminar and review the material. OR watch the videos I will upload online and review the material. Free for anyone!

Step 2: Go grocery shopping and cleanse your house of temptations and unhealthy choices.

Step 3: Stay connected to my blog and Facebook page for encouragement, motivation and guidance.

Step 4:  Sign up to participate in the 8-Week Spring Shred Down Challenge and purchase your spot for $37 if you are not a member of Crossfit318 or a client of mine. Once you do this you will be placed into the private Facebook group and can start your shred down!

 *Remember after Wednesday March 26th the price will go up to $47.

 Grab Your Spot Here! 

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