3 Things That Are Stealing Your Passion

3 Things That Are Stealing Your Passion

3 Things That Are Stealing Your Passion 

In today's video I'm sharing 3 things I really believe that if people stop doing, their lives will change. These are three things you need to stop right now, if you want to get connected to your passion, your purpose, your gifts, and live free.

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#1 Stop Comparing Yourself

I want you to stop comparing yourself. Her journey is not your journey, my journey is not your journey. What God has called her to do, he has not called you to do. Instead, he is asking you to be the best version of yourself.

If you want more joy, stop the comparison game. They say comparison is the thief of joy, and I would agree. You don’t see people that are joyless have a lot of passion, and people that don’t have joy typically are not super confident.

So you have to look at those areas of your life are that you are comparing yourself to. Typically we are comparing our lives to someone else’s highlight reel. Their marathon to our sprint.

Perspective is everything, and every successful person that you are seeing has typically gone through 10-15 years of hard work and a lot of struggle that you know nothing about. So if you want to change your life stop comparing yourself. Be yourself.


#2 Stop apologizing

People apologize for existing basically. With, “I’m sorry I ran into you,” or “I’m sorry you don’t like this or that.” This is a message that says that you are either too much or not enough.

Listen, girlfriend, you are enough. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t apologize. I want you to switch it up. If you are late say, “Thank you so much for your patience.” If you run into someone say, “Excuse me.”

Don’t say you are sorry.

Check yourself for how many times you are unnecessarily apologizing for things you don’t need to be apologizing for. If you are constantly living your life saying you are sorry, you are going to be sorry.

#3 Stop Wishing

My girl Rachel Hollis says, “Hope is not a strategy.” I think that so many times we live our lives wishing and hoping things to be different. Just thinking maybe one day by osmosis God is going to part the heavens and sprinkle some magic dust and we won’t have to do anything and our lives will magically be changed.

We have to stop wishing for our lives to be changed saying, “One day I will do this,” or “One day I will do that.” We have to begin, instead, to take action in the direction of our dreams and do the work to get connected to our aliveness and our passion.

We have to be willing to go on the journey with God because here is the deal, every person that God has called he has invited them into a process. You have the choice to say yes or no and that is ok. We have choices in this deal, we are not robots, we are humans with a free will.

I just want to encourage you that the journey is so much better than you could ever possibly imagine.

Especially, when you learn to live from a place of rest and love. Stop wishing and stop hoping. Take action, take messy action, and be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and keep that flame lit.

It’s your responsibility, no one else's, to keep the fire inside you going. Sometimes it will be a forest fire, sometimes it will be a little tealight candle. The point is, it is your responsibility to keep it lit.

Those are 3 things I want you to stop doing for a better life. Stop comparing, stop apologizing, stop wishing, and take action.


Passion Is Everything,

3 Things That are Stealing Your Passion


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