The Root Of All Fear

The Root of All Fear

I'm committed to is helping women overcome what's holding them back and getting them reacquainted with their passion and purpose. I believe the life we want and can have is on the other side of all of our limiting beliefs (the root of which is fear) and we demolish all of these things through and intimate relationship with God. Intimacy with him is the answer for everything in life and the source of all our passion. The source of life itself. 

So when I heard this quote recently I knew I had to come share it with you asap. Here it it: 

"The root of all fear is simply trusting in our own power."-Mary Ann Wilikinson

Mic drop.

When you get to the bottom of all the things you're worried about, struggling with and unsure of, you'll find an issue with trusting God and his goodness loud and clear. And I think we all have that one thing we say we trust God with but our actions and our inner world tell a different story. 

When we trust in our own power and ability alone this is called striving and creates fear and anxiety. Because what we create on our own we must sustain on our own. How exhausting. God's power within us is what sustains us and gives us peace that surpasses all understanding. ESPECIALLY when we aren't understanding. That's the point after all :)

So a simple equation is

More trust = Less fear and anxiety. 

Get to know him. The more you know the more you trust. The more you trust the less fear and and anxiety you will have. 

I'm cheering you on..


Passion Is Everything,