A Simple Path To Clarity

I empower women to cultivate a life of passion and step into their God-given gifts and I LOVE IT. 

But one of the things I don’t love is confusion, fear and doubt. This little trifecta is primarily what I see the enemy using to hijack our lives and keep us stuck. Remember it’s not always about destroying you but sedating you. 

When I counsel women, over and over again I here this statement “I just need clarity. I wish I knew which way to go.”

With me?

Alrighty, then listen up: we all want clarity but overthinking will ruin your life. Do your best not to go there. Clarity is not the same as certainty and if you’re banking on having everything figured out and certain before you take action you will stay in the same place way way longer than you have to. 

Clarity is just being able to see better. It’s NOT being able to see everything. 

So I’ve got a simple path to clarity that you can use right now. Don’t over think this. Just go :) 

1. Get away. This can look like going out of town to a retreat, to a cabin in the woods, or to a place that’s quiet and peaceful for you. Get out of your normal environment. And if you can’t do this right now figure out a way to turn off the noise in your life. Set aside a weekend to be low key. Go to the park, go somewhere. Anywhere. Just do whatever it takes to get out of the day in day out so you can actually do some heart work. 

2. Pray. Ask God what he thinks. Rest in his nature and his goodness. Trust what comes to you and stop arguing with what he says or trying to talk yourself out of what you’re hearing. Be ok if you don’t hear anything as well. 

Some times he doesn’t say anything because you have choices and options. Remember, you're not a slave but a friend. And some times he doesn’t say anything because he’s actually growing faith and risk taking in you. Some times he doesn’t say anything because he has already answered the question and you know it. You’re just scared.

So instead of asking him the same question. Deal with your fear. Which leads to the next step. 

3. Take action. Sometimes the doors aren’t going to open until you knock on them. Get curious. Start taking risks and small steps. You will be amazed at how God starts to speak here and direct your steps. Confirmation will start to happen in one way or the other when you start to steward and move on the promises. He will tell you about the timing. 

4. Readjust. Based on what you learn from taking action readjust based on what God is speaking. YES. This means you have to be FLEXIBLE. Pivot, change, and get in step with the Holy Spirit. You will find that most of this clarity deal is about an intimate relationship with God. Many things are learned through an ever evolving relationship and God is trying to get you to release that need for certainty to him. 

Get Away
Take Action

That’s it. 

Oh and one last thing-you’re actually not powerful enough to ruin the destiny God has for you. God is God and you are not. Even if you screw up he will bring you back to where you are supposed to be. The call and gifts of God on you are irrevocable so rest in that. Embrace the process and fall in love with it. 

As one of my favorite author’s says “Our lives are not math problems but epic stories.”

Embrace the story and let go of the math problem mentality. There’s no fun in that anyway. 


Passion Is Everything,