Don't Fear The White Dress

Recently I had the honor and privilege of hosting and attending the Project 41 White As Snow Gala. This is an absolutely beautiful event meant to raise awareness and funds for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in our community. All of the guests are encouraged to wear white as a symbol of purity and how Jesus washes all of our sins white as snow; there is even a white carpet to walk down as you are photographed like a celebrity.

This theme of white declares there is no sin to ugly or messy that Jesus can’t heal.  We believe this is the very reason he was tortured and killed on a cross….to make us pure and holy and to cleanse us from every dark and evil thing.  Wearing white is a symbol that the survivors we serve are cleansed and new because of Jesus.  This concept is incredibly uplifting and a visible reminder of how we are to live: holy, pure and confidently dressed in white.  But the confidence part I soon found was going to be an issue….

About a month before the event as I began to talk to everybody about what they would wear I kept hearing statements that were far from positive or uplifting. Now, I know from a fashion perspective white is typically reserved for your wedding and then never worn again. Darker colors can be more slimming and flattering for your skin tone, etc. I get all this and I’m not arguing that point. But honestly I was shocked at the utter repulsion and absolute fear of wearing white to an event caused in people. To the point they wouldn’t even consider coming to a life changing event.

Statements like this:

“You want me to wear white? Not happening.”

“White? I have nothing white. I hate white.”

“ Oh you do NOT want to see what I look like in white. Disgusting.”

“ Everything I own is black. White makes me look fat.”

“Where do you expect me to find a white dress that makes me look skinny?”

“I’m not sure I can attend. Getting all dressed up and especially in white horrifies me.”

“What’s the deal with the white dress code? People really have issues with that. You should consider changing it.”


So here’s the deal….it’s not my mission to shame or judge anyone with this post. My mission is to set you free of some things and give a little perspective. My hope is that you will no longer fear or loathe the color white and instead appreciate and give it a chance, even if it’s just for events like the Gala.

First, you need to understand and believe in your heart that you are beautiful and dearly loved by God regardless of what color you wear.

You are significant, strong, unique, and lovely because you are made in his image and guess what? He wears white and rocks it. You can too. Confidence means you can wear anything because you know you’re worth and self-esteem isn’t wrapped up in a color, or anything other than God almighty for that matter. I’m not saying we won’t have days and moments of insecurity but this core belief is the truth we use to battle those times.

Second, maybe the reason we don’t want to wear white is because we can’t hide much when we wear it. We think it’s unforgiving and wants to expose all our flaws. But maybe that’s the precise reason we should wear it. To show that we have imperfections and they are beautiful. This is what makes us human. White puts all of our stuff out there. It makes us feel vulnerable because we are. Embrace it. I'm admittedly a little fluffier this year because of a priority shift in my life. My hips and thighs are wider and I'm more voluptuous all around and THIS IS OK. Sure I have moments when I beat myself up but I have to continue to tell myself I am beautiful and loved regardless if I'm a little curvy or lean and ripped. 

Lastly, don’t let fear and insecurity keep you from missing out on something that could change your life or the lives of others. We never know what may happen we simply show up. Fear and insecurity want to isolate us into solidarity so the enemy can wreak havoc on our lives. Me and my husband had an incredible night and got a great picture together that we will cherish forever. Imagine if I would have let fear of white and not looking perfect and ripped get in my way? 

If all else fails get a spray tan and some spandex and be done with it :) We're all adults here. 

Rocking The White Dress,

Lindsey Nadler