Word For The Day: April 10th, 2014


Word For The Day: April 10th, 2014


Spring is here and it’s a season of new.  New growth, new colors, new life, and new fruit.

I look out into my backyard this morning and can’t help but smile at all the beautiful colors and flowers blooming. One of the main reasons we bought our little house was because of the incredible landscaping. Neither my husband nor me have a green thumb and honestly we have no idea what some of the flowers are in our back yard and we have to pay someone to keep it up. But watching them change every year is the coolest thing to me and naturally my thoughts turn to you. Transformation always does that…and I may or not be crying when I tell you this…

It’s time for you to step into a new season.

The past does not define you nor should it hinder you. It’s time to shed away all the cold and hardness. It’s time to let God pull up any weeds and prune what must go to make room for the new. It’s time to let the light shine on your face. Turn towards it. Do not run from it, refusing to accept the warmth God wants to give you. He delights in showering you with his presence. Welcome it.

You are his beautiful and very unique treasure. His fair one.

He is making all things new and you my dear are no exception. ALL means ALL. Stop thinking of yourself as unworthy and not enough. This is the lie your enemy whispers to you. It’s time to get the snake out of the garden. Hasn’t he been there long enough? Stop tolerating the lies.

Because the truth is, you are valued. You are royalty. You are his child. You are beloved. You are chosen.

You were not a mistake. Neither are his promises for you. They are there for you to take hold of. He is making a warrior of you and that is always the question you need to be asking in this next season. Not “Why, Lord?” but “Who are you making me into through this?”

Trust the process. Learn to love the process. The process and the season is what makes you into who you are.  Above all, choose love. With love he made you in his image. So love your body and soul knowing that. Love people and love your life. There is no other choice for a happy life except that.

Last of all, do not be afraid. With the help of the Lord you can scale a wall (Psalm 18:29). He will always make you strong. Believe.



With Love,

Lindsey Nadler