Why You're Enough.

Why you're enough. 

In today's episode we are continuing the discussion on confidence.

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In the last episode I did, we laid the foundation for what confidence is.

Confidence is knowing who you are and who has called you.

So for me, that looks like this little mantra that I say over and over again, “I am who God says I am and that is enough.”

So today I want to talk about the concept of being enough. I think that for everyone, but really for women, the two biggest fears that we have, is that we're constantly asking ourselves,“Am I enough and am I loved.” Even despite all the information and head knowledge we have. We still have doubt and are asking this question, “Am I loved, and am I enough?”

If we can begin to show love for ourselves, if we can begin to access the unconditional, never-ending, unfailing, reckless love of God, as the incredible worship song goes, then we're going to naturally live with more confidence.

So my mantra is “I am God says I am, and that is enough.”

That's really what I want to encourage. To have that mantra going in your head all the time, so when you are met with things that want to derail your confidence, things that want to get you off track, the doubt, the pain, the trauma, the unforgiveness, the betrayals, the stuff in your life, the new seasons in your life where you may be trying to find your footing and you're unsure…

You can always go back to, despite how you’re feeling, despite your circumstances, despite what so and so did, despite what so and so said, despite how you woke up today feeling, despite what you are seeing, the reality is that, “You are who God says you are, and that is enough.”

For so many of us that little mantra is the key to emotional management, the key to that instant boost of confidence that you're looking for. You have got to begin to identify with what is triggering you to feel a certain way.

Feelings are important,, and they're meant to be processed, they're meant to be red flags for what we’re believing. I think that for so many women we really struggle with, “Well I must not be confident because I'm not feeling confident.”

There's a lot of tips and things that you can do to make yourself feel more confident, but the reality is there is a difference between knowing and feeling. There are days when I wake up and I feel like crap. I don't feel confident, I don't feel super motivated, or inspired, or sure, or in it, but then I've got to go back to “What is it that I am believing?”

It’s not, “How am I feeling?,” and that's how I base my day, but “What am I believing to be true?”

And if I really dig deep and go back, it's always going to be those questions of “Am I enough, and am I loved?”

Those two questions are answered for us all the time. We are enough because we're God's kid.We are loved unfailingly, in fact we are loved so much John 3:16, that we've got to begin to align what we think we know in our head with what we are actually believing in our heart.

Today's Challenge

So my challenge for you today is, I want you to ask yourself, “What am I actually believing?” When you wake up and are feeling off, when you are met with the situation where your confidence gets rattled and rocked, and you’re doubting and nervous.

I want you to shift your self awareness and I want you to ask yourself, “What am I believing to be true about God and about myself?”

Remember you are who God says you are and that is enough.


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